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"Lawn Mower Spray?"~GREEN Inspirations~April 29, 2011

To extend the life of your lawn mower and to keep repair bills down, clean and maintain it after every use...Also, to help lubricate and to keep grass/other materials from sticking to it, after cleaning, spray some non-stick cooking spray (like Pam) to the undercarriage and the blades...Keep a can of Pam(R) near your lawnmower, when stored, as a reminder.

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Group Leader
My Playground

Great day ahead of me at a coaching seminar intensive with my speaking coach Kent Julian and the rest of our mastermind crew. This is exciting stuff as we’re gathered in one room to put help support each other and bring each of our visions to life.


Just a couple weeks ago, I was at Dan Miller’s Write to the Bank event in Tennessee. That was another positive and fulfilling step towards the development…


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Some Recent Developments

I don't really use this blog space much.  My primary blogs are found on my regular websites:





I'm going to try and use this spot to announce updates and new posts worth promoting.  

Since my last post here, our farm blog has kind of popped.  We are gaining subscribers and the hits are…


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Turn off that TV

Years ago when I was young and single. (Ah, the good old days....) I did not own a television set -- on purpose. I had intended to raise my children in a TV-less home, but alias that did not happen. I won a TV once in a drawing at the grocery store. I have a TV now, it's still packed in the box it came in as a 2010 Christmas gift. One of these days it will get mounted in the basement gym and I'll really use it for…


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The Sweet & The Bitter

     Summer in these North Woods is so amazingly sweet-- perfect temperatures, clear waters, blue skies, everything green, and the warm peat-moss-brown waters at Big Falls are the toppings to the sundae.  But we who live here will admit to you now (though we may deny it in August when Summer stands in her own right) that the intensity of the sweet Summer is only because of the length and intensity of the Winter.

     The days are warming now-- up in the 50's and 60's by mid-afternoon…


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Is Information Worth Paying For?

The internet is free. Well, as long as you take the cost of connecting to it and your computer out of the equation. For that matter, you can even go to the library. So essentially, the internet is free.

What you find on the internet is amazing. Entire college classes are online at no charge. Instructions to make wedding cakes, complete with video, and…


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Are You Still Sitting On Your Beach Chair?

I need to explain something to you very carefully. If I look back in time, and compare my way of life and standard of living to others around me, it was pretty close. Whether I intended that to happen or not, it’s what seemed to naturally unfold. Yes, I have been own person – or at least I’ve always thought I was – but then why do I have so many similar traits of those I hang around most?


It’s a social response, and conditioning. Depending on how self contained you…


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"ID in a Can"~GREEN Inspirations~April 28, 2011

Recycle your empty cans without the labels to identify the seedlings in your garden...Carefully cut the bottom off of each can so it won't collect water...Use a waterproof marker to write on each can (near the top part that will stick out of the ground) the vegetable/flower seeds that you've planted...Wiggle the can into the ground at the end of each row...When gardening season is over you can toss the cans into your recycle bin.

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The Age of Debt

This is hard. Harder than I ever would have imagined (if I had ever imagined I’d have to face this). It’s really hard to learn how to live within your means. Not to mention learning how to save and plan and buy the right insurance and conserve energy (not to save the planet, but to save yourself from getting the electricity shut off) and water (ditto for the water). I know many of you have been through much more difficult things than this. If you’ve got all this figured out, good for you. I…


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Meat and Potatoes--Give me what I need

I recently attended the "Write to the Bank" event. I loved it, and I'm taking time to absorb all of the information presented. I'm learning my way around the websites and life is groovy. I was talking to a former colleague today and I mentioned a business owner who offered a "Branding" package for a tidy sum. I ended up throwing the information away. I just wasn't -- how do you say it...."feelin' it". Often in our…


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Top 5 Ways To Stretch Your Food Budget


Costs are rising. Gas prices are increasing daily it seems (I heard the possibility of $6/gallon by summer), tuition for your (or your children’s) education continue to rise, and the overall costs of living seems to be going up and up all the time. Couple all this with a higher unemployment…


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Jesus Painting on Easter Sunday

I just wanted to share this video of me painting for my church on Easter Sunday. 




Lance Brown




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When Are You Going To Get A Real Job?

I believe I’m the first entrepreneur in my family generation and of a lot of people I was used to knowing growing up, so you can imagine the dichotomy I had to deal with trying to build a business in the midst of raising a family. Of course, I love my family and close friends dearly, but for some people, what I was doing would naturally seem like an odd picture for them. It definitely didn’t cross the “normal spectrum” of how to earn money.


A brief acquaintance asked…


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"Old Screens"~GREEN Inspirations~April 27, 2011

If you have old wood or metal framed window screens (or an old screen door), don't toss them out!...Use the screens to cover newly planted seeds to keep the birds, squirrels and other critters from feasting on them...And it will keep kids and pets from walking/playing on your newly planted beds.

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The ever growing website...

Carrie is working away on her new MAC.  (I cant get her away from it)  I am working away in my mind.  Together we come up with a pretty good product.  Together, we make a pretty good team.  Check out the website and PLEASE give feedback.…


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Never Be Late Again

Photo Credit: geraldbrazell

This may be the simplest blog post I'll ever write!

I realize of course that this statement alone could be quite flawed if you are reading now and saying to yourself, 'no, I've been here before and unfortunately, you've written simpler'.

Well, I don't care, I feel…


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Praises for Seminar


We came home from the April "Write to the Bank" seminar primed and ready to go. As a result, my novel, a Christian Romance, is now complete and ready to move toward publication. I must thank Dan Miller and participants for the tremendous instruction and inspiration. Superb! The novel is one I have been toying with for quite some time. Since I have been an outdoor writer for more than 30 years, it just had to have an outdoor theme. It does. Jackson Bain returns to Boston from his…


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"Attracting Butterflies"~GREEN Inspirations~April 26, 2011

Butterflies are attracted to the colors red and pink more so than white or yellow...To draw the butterflies to your yard/flowerbed, recycle those old pink and red bows/ribbons from Christmas/birthday gifts...Or tie scraps of yarn or strips of fabric in those colors around the stems of flowers and branches of shrubs.

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Our Deepest Fear

Like most great things, the following truth is nothing new. In fact, it's not even mine, nor is it from the author that I heard it from. Ideas can spread so organically, and here is my attempt at helping this one grow!


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you…


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What Water Angels Will Not Tell You

Let’s say you were out on a workout, and you had to stop to get some water. Somebody –   perhaps a water angel – is actually bringing you free water! One water jug is completely spotless, and appears to be crystal clean water, while the other one is very grimy, muddy, and obviously very unsanitary. Being very thirsty does it matter to you, which one you drink? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Now let’s take the same instance where the dirty water is free,…


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