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I'd love to, but I cant... I'm too busy.

What would you do if you weren’t too busy?

If you had a free hour… or even a free day, what would you do with it? You may imagine that you’d read all the books and magazines that have been collecting dust in your home. Or maybe you’d rent the entire season of your favorite show from Netflix and watch nine episodes in a row. Or maybe…


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Pursuing My Calling…in the Republic of Georgia

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to the country of Georgia.


Why the globetrotting you ask??


It’s written on my DNA. I can’t help it.


Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a love for crossing cultures. As I’ve aged, I’ve realized more and more that my calling has a ‘cross-cultural…


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Admiring a job but having no skill or desire to do it.

I find it strange that I really admire good building work but am not skilled or interested in construction of any kind.


I get excited and thrilled when I see that someone has taken over an old, sagging house and is re-siding it, adding a new roof, and putting in a new landscape.  I really like seeing the road crew out there re-surfacing a street that desperately needed to have an upgrade done.  I love seeing my favorite gasoline station expanding by buying out a closed corner…


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The past; an anchor or a sail?

The past; an anchor or a sail?



     My pastor talked about remembering the past and learning from it but not staying there. We always should remember what happened and how we came through the situation.   This happens a lot in our lives. When something happens to us a lot of the times we interpret our future by that place we anchored at, our past bad experience.  We get a job we are not to crazy about and we don’t really enjoy our work so we…


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7 Day Stamina Challenge - Day 7

This will be a fun day; the last one in your 7 Day Stamina Challenge.

Be proud of yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Have a party.

You have stepped out of the box and held yourself accountable for a full week; something everyone knows intuitively they should do, but somehow…


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7 Day Stamina Challenge - Day 6

This has been a fun, (and interesting) week for me. Learning many new things.


I can just about make out the finish line. Let’s go ahead and finish these last two days strong.


1. Face the day – Day 1 challenge

2. Admit it –…


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Using “48 Days” I changed my career and landed a 6-figure position in 3 months and I LOVE IT!

Using “48 Days” I changed my career and landed a 6-figure position in 3 months and I LOVE IT!

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And once it tips over no man or woman can stop what you started.

“Light is the task where many share the toil.” 


Our network marketing journey begins with one trying to push a boulder up a hill.  When we find another who shares our vision, now two are leaning on the boulder.  When each of us finds another there are four.  And soon, we are a team and the rock begins to ascend a little faster up that incline.  Over time, we are dozens and later hundreds…


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Doubt: The Enemy of Progress

When you decide to find your path to your true calling or when you are on that path, you have to watch out for a silent enemy: DOUBT.

Doubt will tell you it's too hard, doubt will tell you that what you're trying to do is impossible. Doubt will tell you that you're selfish and should just be happy to have a job even though it's not right for you. Any progress you make doubt wants to drive over with a semi. Hear me when I saw: DOUBT IS A… Continue

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Give me what I want

Photo Credit: The Barefoot Executive


There are 2 banks where I live. One of the banks I used for my business. They don’t come across as all that particularly friendly. It’s not so much the staff, really. They are just part of a very large group of banks in Kansas City and it just feels like this branch has had the life sucked out of them by corporate mandates. They can’t seem to make a decision…


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The Keys


“Oh, no…where did my keys go?” I think most of us have asked this question in a panic. I lost a set of keys months ago while in the midst of an engaging phone conversation. Distracted by the content of the call, I placed my keys on the kitchen counter rather than in their “special” spot. My intent was to retrieve them after the call. When I finished the phone conversation, however, the keys were no…


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7 Day Stamina Challenge - Day 5

Hope you’re having a fun week with the challenge and are making discoveries about yourself and your style.


If you're just beginning the challenge, welcome. The idea is to build on each day's activity.

My friend Mel Robbins promises us that if we stick with the challenge and repeat…


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How I got a brand new $120 jogging stroller for FREE!

Let me start by saying my wife and I are very passionate about a few things.

1. Living a debt free life style.

2. Her staying home with our 3 month old.

3. Trying to live a christian life style.



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Are your unemployed friends contagious?

The catch phrase the new movie Contagion uses in its advertising is "Nothing spreads like fear". In the movie the population panics when more and more people start to catch a virus that seems to torture its victims with horrible sickness prior to bringing on death. As with past virus movies the heroes race to find the source of the epidemic and then create a cure.

A similar movie, 1995's Outbreak, showed the military closing off an entire town that was infected with a virus. It…


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Working From Home Grocery Savings Tips

“Why is my food bill so high now that I am working from home? I thought that I would save money on food, gas and dry cleaning by working from my home office.”

I get this question a lot from new virtual assistants who are now experiencing the highs and lows of owning their own business. While it can be a very heady time for you, few of us have the luxury of beginning our virtual assistance practice without experiencing…


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Doing different + Challenge Day 4= Time to tell my story

I must admit to being completely stumped when I read today's challenge:

Break your routine – Drive a new way to work. Stop at a different place for coffee. Lock your cell phone in your trunk as you drive. Listen to a different station the whole way in; don’t change the channel during a commercial break. Order something completely off the wall for lunch. Brush your teeth with the non-dominant hand. Run or exercise to someone else’s play list.



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Group Leader
Release Your Creative Self

I have been on a “release-your-creative-self” kick lately.  I went to the women’s prison a few days ago and talked to over 50 young women about their creative natures.  Most of them agreed that it was their creativity that landed them in prison!  I hope I helped them recognize better ways in which to…


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The Good Life at 65 is a Mirage

This is a fairly common hope. The idea that if I can just get to age 65, then I can live my life and be happy has really done so much damage to this world’s creativity; it’s no where near funny.


  1. Well, of course the natural question is, “What if you never see 65? Was it really worth hating…

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At times the day may seem

Gray and dreary so

My heart seems to sag…


Added by Caroline Gavin on September 8, 2011 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

Face Your Fear…Take Some Risks!

He’s a great guy. I enjoy talking to him. He’s funny. He’s engaging. He’s talented.


But…he just won’t take the risk.


A few years ago, he had a business that failed. So, he moved to a more ‘secure’ position.


He’s done well there. He’s well respected. Few people would suspect that he’s unhappy.


But…he is. He feels drained.…


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