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The 48 Second Rule

Out of work?  Feeling like things are impossible?  You can set yourself apart from the pack by following a few easy steps.  Think 48 seconds.  Years of experience have proven to me that on average the decision to grant an interview comes in the first 48 seconds after a hiring manager reviews an application.  48 seconds!  Your application had better be so good that it grabs an interviewers attention.  It’s easier than you think.

Online applications are the norm now.  They take less…


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Taking on too much?

How many blog sites can one person have?  

It seems like a "personal" site can be updated whenever, but that a real purposeful site should have blog posts at a minimum monthly, and preferably weekly or more frequent.  I guess it depends on the type of blog and audience?


For interviews / video podcasts, more than once a month could be rather aggressive for starting out...


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I Miss Steve Irwin

For the first time in several years, I watched rerun of "The Crocodile Hunter." Even though Steve Irwin has passed (1962-2006), his passion for nature lives on.…


Added by Chris Gallagher on July 7, 2011 at 11:01am — 1 Comment

"Jellyfish Stings"~GREEN Inspirations~July 7, 2011

A day at the beach, swimming in the ocean, can be interrupted by a sting from a jellyfish...If you should happen to come into "unfriendly" contact with one, here are a few tips to help ease the pain...Wash the area with sea water...Use tweezers to remove the tentacles or apply shaving cream/hand lotion and "shave" with the edge of a butter knife (the smooth edge) or use an old credit card...Apply vinegar, rubbing… Continue

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They won’t all be good days

They won’t all be good days.  Sometimes, even in the course of a single day there will be up’s and down’s.  But more important still, there will be periods of severe doubt.  Most long-term and successful pros have experienced multiple occasions, especially early on, where they have had to rebuild their entire organization.  The rest quit when things unraveled or the going got tough.


Challenge for today:

Think of a time where you had to start over.  Craft…


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What’s the Root of Your Questions???

I ask lots of questions.

Questions are a good thing. You learn. You get more information so that you can move forward.

You might ask lots of questions too.

But…why do you?

Is it to learn, then move forward? Or…is it to just pile up information….then do…


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What I learned Today... Increase Your Demand and Income

Shhhhhh! Come closer, yeah you. Come here. I want to tell you a secret, but there is one condition, you have to tell EVERYONE! What if I could give you give you # steps to take that would alter your professional life forever, would you take it? The choice is your's because I have listed five steps you can take today to boost your personal demand and your income.

  1. Work in…

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Group Leader
Show 026 Finding your Voice - "It had to trip my trigger!"

She was always in there; we just needed to find her so that she could find freedom.


Freedom from false expectations, freedom from self-limiting beliefs, and most importantly, the freedom to be the mother, wife, entrepreneur, and lady, that had, up until recently, not been fully visible.



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Work you love may not be easy...

I had a thought about work you love.


What if the work you love is not what other folks would consider "easy"? Would that stop you from pursing what God has put in your heart to do?


Here are a few questions. Put on your thinking…


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Group Leader
Dream BIG!

When you’re down and out, dream BIG! You may need to get a job and just gut it out, but you have got to keep dreaming big. That is the time when it’s most important, when you feel like the world is against you and people are telling you that you can’t do it and everything points to that same reality and you just want to lay down and die. You’ve got to keep dreaming big, bigger even. What’s the use of dreaming if you’re not going to dream big anyway? Many people who achieved great things were… Continue

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What Are You Worth?

I am leading a 48 Days Workshop with my wife Ashley and we are in week 10, the dreaded/exciting (depends on your personality I guess) chapter in the workshop on Salary Negotiation.  I have experience on both sides of the fence.  After Ashley and I were married I found myself as a new college graduate and newlywed, in a new town and on the hunt for employment.  As I began my job search, I knew exactly how much money I needed to survive and guess what, the first job I was offered paid just…


Added by Nathan Logsdon on July 6, 2011 at 8:41pm — 2 Comments

July Fourth Weekend.

Hello again and thanks for reading. This is just a simple blog today. Just wanted to share that we had a pretty relaxing weekend. I didn't do much with the blog as I spent a good bit of time with the wife and kids. Even with building the web sites and businesses, you just got to take the time and enjoy life. Watched a couple of movies, played outside with the little one. Stayed up later than usual, which is quite unusual even for a weekend for me.

I think keeping things in… Continue

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Independence Day

The nation celebrated its Independence yesterday, and all weekend. We recorded a show off the History channel called the Revolution. It told a lot of the history that was documented about our founders and what they done to make this nation. One feeling I could not shake was how the narrator kept saying the spirit was freedom and it was spreading throughout the colonies. I bet the atmosphere was was infectious and there was a…


Added by Tim West-Go West Coaching on July 6, 2011 at 5:32pm — 1 Comment

Group Leader
Today's reflection - "If only I had the perfect job ..."

It’s an easy way of thinking to fall into: “If only I had the perfect job, then I would begin to take better care of myself and work on the other areas of my life”


Some examples are: get involved in an exercise program; go to church; read a book; study a new subject; attend a workshop; meditate; get together with old friends; meet new friends; the list could go on for a long…


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Ways to Save Energy, Four Strategies to Save Money

When it comes to buying your energy supply, it’s really easy to find ways to save energy and, in turn, use proven strategies to save money if you’re just a little bit shrewd. As the cost of living in the US rises every day, it’s more and more important that we’re vigilant about the cost of even the little things – and even if manage to make a saving of just $20 or $30 per year on your…


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There is a medical term, panacea, which means “cure all.”

 There is a medical term, panacea, which means “cure all.”  There is a panacea in mlm.  Personal sponsorship will cure any problem in your multi-level marketing business.  Our teams activity level and actions mirror those of the leader.  Therefore, personal sponsorship is “the main thing” in network marketing.


Challenge for today:

Prepare a written monthly personal sponsorship goal.  Establish the activity that will…


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"Baby Powder and Sand?"~GREEN Inspirations~July 6, 2011

Spent the day at the beach and you're covered with sand?...Sprinkle baby powder on your body and gently wipe away the sand...Also, works great for when the kids have played in the sandbox.

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YOU? A Local Marketing Guru?

Do you need to make some cash today?

Here's how you can use what you ALREADY know about

online marketing to start earning cash and respect in your

home town today.

Click the link below:


You can start part-time so you don't have to quit your regular job.

Helping you get it done,

Mike… Continue

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What I learned Today... Earn Your Keep

I am so guilty of expecting things to be my way, I can work at a job that I have no experience in and I will find a way to feel under paid. I expect top be paid to dollar for everything I do, I will find myself so miserable at a job and looking for a new one because I feel under valued. Why the heck is this? Why can't I be grateful and content with what I do have? If I begin to actually…


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Sooner than later

I recently talked to my brother who is two years younger than I am. He's working on some things now to go back to school to get a nursing degree. He's told me before he wished he had done this years ago. I remember our family sending him several states away to go to school to become a veterinarian. That didn't last long and before you know it he was back home. He joined the Army, got married, and two babies came…


Added by Bernice Coles on July 6, 2011 at 4:00am — 1 Comment

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