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We are so glad you're here and ready to take the next step! We created 48days.net as a place for community. For people to encourage each other and help each other in finding or creating work that is meaningful.

But frankly, we've outgrown it, so we're moving to provide you new resources.

48Days.net will be closing as it is today on November 30, 2017. Until then current members can click the button below to access groups and resources.

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48 Low-Cost Business Ideas

What do you want most in life?  So often I hear people say that they would love to start a business but don’t have the money to do anything. And thus they quickly dismiss what may be their greatest opportunity.

If we tend to pursue what we want when it comes to small "toys", why is it that we don't apply that to our career?  Daily, I see people fill petty "wants" and then leave for the drudgery of work just to fulfill the financial need.  

There are typically three reasons people never act on their dreams to achieve the financial independence they desire.

1. Fear of failure.

There is nothing more crippling than fear of failure. I’ve seen otherwise intelligent people who are so afraid of failure they let idea after idea pass them by, only to regret their inaction.

2. Lack of knowledge.

Creative, nontraditional, or innovative skills are not just things you stumble onto. You have to learn how to invest, how to deal in real estate, how to evaluate business opportunities, or perhaps how to manage employees. But these are all things that can be learned and should never prevent you from exploring new options for a better life.

3. Perceived lack of money.

I stress perceived because money is not really what’s holding them back. People think they don’t have enough money to take the first steps toward revolutionary work, but the problem usually comes back to fear of failure or lack of knowledge. I get eight to ten requests per week from people wanting to know where to find start-up money for new ventures.  And, yes, capital is difficult to find—especially for businesses that use service, information, or technology. Does that mean it’s impossible to launch a great idea without start-up capital? Absolutely not!

If 69 percent of all new businesses need less than $10,000 to get started and 70 percent of the people on the street say they would like to start their own business, why don’t they?

Read all about Dan's low-cost business ideas in the 48 Low- or No-Cost Business Ideas Workbook!

  • 158 Page workbook complete with all 48 Business Ideas
  • Additional Action Steps to apply the ideas to your own life
  • Immediate PDF Download



As a community member, you can access the PDF for free...but we know you'd like the physical copy to give to others, right?
Read all about Dan's low-cost business ideas in the 48 Business Ideas FREE E-Book!

Click here to download 48 Business Ideas

As you know, a team led by Jay Carter has been reviewing and compiling stories of members here on 48Days.net who have taken the No More Mondays principles and acted on them. You'll see many of them felt trapped in their previous positions, but then whether by circumstances or their own choosing, they had that wonderful opportunity to take a fresh look at where their lives were going.

So here's your chance to see just how these people did it. These are real people with real stories. You can click through to their individual websites to see more about the businesses they created.

Nathan Fisher formatted the stories and added the cool graphic features on each page. It's no accident that you'll see an eagle flying as you turn the pages. Jason Ayers created the No More Mondays cover that you see here. (Be sure to click through to watch the amazing No More Mondays video Jason created as well. There's a link to his page at the end of the book.)

Feel free to download this and pass it on to your friends. And be working on your own story for our future updates.

Special thanks to all the story contributors and the team who compiled the stories and proofread each one. 


NoMoreMondays -- PostItRevolution


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