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Worry Less

I'll have to admit that I do watch a little TV. It doesn't consume my life and all my free time but I do probably watch too much at times. One of my favorite shows is Last Man Standing starring Tim Allen. It's a great show that I enjoy. Tim shoots off a bunch of great one liners that really hit home with me at times, such as this one from last night's episode:

"Worry less about who you might offend and more about who you might inspire."

The reason this hit me so hard is that for… Continue

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Spouse Advent Calendar!! by Dating Divas

Video Blog

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your spouse this year?

Last year I was too! 

Seriously, my spouse has everything he needs. And I was making the custom advent calendar that I create each year for my kids I thought it would be so fun to make one for my hubby!! I decided I really wanted to do something special to focus on our relationship that year, so I started some…


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The One Word That Could Save Your Life

(Post originally appeared on Moving Forward)

Two letters, one syllable. And it’s a life-saver.

This word should…


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No Christmas Tree for Me! (Singing the Holiday Blues)

In my neighborhood many families go all-out with Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving leftovers are still in the refrigerator when the blow-up Santas, twinkling multi-colored lights, huge red bows, and evergreen wreaths appear on many of the trees, doors, roofs, and…


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Skyrocket to Success in 2017

The new year is less than a month away and, like me, you've probably been bombarded with free goal-setting worksheets designed to help you put your goals on paper. That's a great idea because writing down goals is a common activity among people who actually achieve their goals. So, you don't need me to give you advice on setting and writing down goals. I'm going to assume you already have your goals in place.…


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How to Sell Stuff on Amazon FBA for Beginners- Money Making Idea #21

Selling Stuff on Amazon FBA is an amazing way to make extra money on the side.  You can even earn a full time living as an Amazon seller if you want!  Learning how to sell on Amazon using the Fulfilled By Amazon program is a very…


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Healthy Weight Loss: Take a Lesson from Abraham

I read Genesis 18 in a devotional recently and it struck me that this principle is critical to anyone seeking to lose weight. You may remember when God was preparing to destroy Sodom, Abraham wanted God to spare the city. He began asking if God would still destroy it if there were 50 righteous people there. Once God…


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Pick one and go with it

I currently have a one hour commute and I absolutely love listening to audiobooks. There's a ton of great books and not so great books out there when it comes to self-improvement and entrepreneurship. I've read or listened to hundreds of these types of books. Listened more than I've read in the last few years, but that's not the point I'm getting at today. I have several mentors that I've never met and had very little personal communication with.…


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How to make income automatic by building a subscription business

One of the biggest faults with many creative businesses is that a client does a project with you and then they’re done. That single purchase was all they needed -- you’ve solved their most pressing problems and they’re going to run with the solution.

Moving from one-off projects to…


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You can be anything you want...

You can be anything you want to be. . .
Well, maybe. It takes a work to achieve some goals and some goals are just flat out impossible. Because of my background, I will never be a police officer, a pharmaceutical sales rep, or the President just to name a few. Because of my age now, I will never again have the chance to be a professional firefighter. Most departments cut off ages are between 38 to 40 for new recruits. And besides, that was only a goal for a short…

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Nutrition: Which Label is More Important? Organic or Non-GMO

When we do buy packaged foods, it is definitely just as important to choose the highest quality. For example, my husband enjoys corn and I know most corn grown in this country is genetically modified so I found organic canned corn that also had the Non-GMO Project stamp on the label and felt comfortable using it to…


Added by Ann Musico on November 30, 2016 at 7:00am — 1 Comment

Why Small Businesses Should Care About Accounting Software

You’ve heard it time and time again: “Accurate bookkeeping is necessary for business health.” This isn’t meant to come off like a scolding finger-wag. Bookkeeping is simply a foundational aspect of running a business and should be regarded as such.

Bookkeeping and accounting are inherently different, though the two practices share similar implications.

Accountants typically focus on preparing and…


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Print on Demand Children's Book with Createspace

Last night I spoke with a client that has a short, but great, children's book that she'd like to publish. Originally I told her that CreateSpace would be a great option for printing. It automatically lists your book on Amazon; you don't have to pay for or process an inventory of books. But, her manuscript can only be stretched to about 16 pages, which we found out is less than the 24-page minimum of…


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Dating Divas Cheer Up Kit!! Great Gift for the Holiday and Winter Season!!

Video Blog Post Here :-)

Know somebody who is feeling a little glum? (Who doesn't!)

I bought this gem when I was feeling down, and was thinking of creating it, but sure enough I was loo…


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Guns 'N Roses and The Importance of Being Nice

Okay, another confession. I really like Guns 'N Roses, like a lot. Now in these post-salvation, preacher days, I would do without some of the imagery and content, but the music is pretty great. Axl's unique voice and insane range with Slash's amazing guitar work and one of the strongest rhythm sections of their day made them hard not to like. They could do it all. That moment in Paradise city where the whistle blows and the guitars charge in is a musical moment like few bands could…


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How to Bloom Your Ideas

The situation is far too familiar. An entrepreneur with a stockpile of blog posts and recorded interviews decides that creating marketable products is the next step in the entrepreneurial journey. Not being familiar with content development or what it takes to put an ebook, book, workbook, or course together, the decision is made to outsource the process. There must be someone who can create effective products…


Added by Terry Hadaway on November 29, 2016 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

Get help achieving your goals for next year

This month has been all about finding your purpose, executing on it effectively and then letting your customers and staff know what the purpose is in your organization. We did all that work up front to get to this point. You’re now ready to work on your goals for 2017.

While many people…


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Can Scandal Be a Sign of God’s Favor? Remembering Mary

“She lives a charmed life,” a friend said regarding her daughter-in-law. “Everything just works out for her.” If a charmed life is easy, then what do you imagine a highly-favored-of-God life to be? Certainly it would be better than a charmed life.


Mary, the mother of Jesus, was highly favored of God. Yet…


Added by Debbie W. Wilson on November 29, 2016 at 7:22am — 5 Comments

What is the Rush? In Praise of Slowing Down.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you will get more done by slowing down.  

Rushing around has become a habit, an automatic reaction. 

Rushing can, and often does, lead to the following:

  • Overlooking something critical
  • Poor decision-making
  • More…

Added by Bob Wilson on November 28, 2016 at 9:27pm — 3 Comments

Group Leader
Social media and our first responders - is it good or bad?

Getting to assist my first responder groups in learning how to decrease stress, build resiliency, and reduce chaos is truly a joy…an honor I do NOT take lightly.

Seeing some of the stressors they face are humbling. Here are two of their biggest…


Added by Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" on November 28, 2016 at 4:02pm — No Comments

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