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Life After the Uniform- US Military Vets are Fighting Sex Trafficking

Welcome to my series on Life After the Uniform. The goal of this series is to provide options and ideas as the main impetus of my coaching practice is helping men and women in high stress/high risk jobs find fulfilling second careers.

I've worked some with a human trafficking group called The Exodus Road, but nothing like this. I saw this this news pop up recently about their efforts to engage military veterans in combating sex trafficking. I…


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Weight Loss: Eating vs Dining – Is There a Difference?

In a conversation with a client who is working on losing weight, she shared a revelation she got recently that has really catapulted her weight loss efforts. I felt it was really powerful and wanted to share it with you.

She routinely does a…


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Money is Not The Reason to Work

I am a whole-hearted believer that whether you work as an employee or business owner that your overall motivation should not be working to just make money. Money will not bring you fulfillment. There has to be more to the “why” you work in your chosen profession. We spend more time in a given day working than we do any other activity. If you are going to work, why not discover and do work that you enjoy and brings fulfillment? You can have both. You do not need to settle.

We are…


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4 Ways to Win Your Day at the Office

Have you ever found yourself swimming under a sea of paperwork, emails, and projects?  Whether you work for another company in an office building or for yourself at home, it can be such a challenge trying to finish all of the mounting tasks you have each day.  How can you finish anything if you can barely keep your head above water?  Well, here are four ways you can start winning your day at the office. 

1.  Organize Your Work Space

Are you struggling to find…


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Group Leader
The Top 10 Lies About Money That Keep You in Debt

Lies about money are everywhere.  Unfortunately, many of the biggest money lies people believe are usually taken as truth.  I'm convinced this is especially true when it comes to getting out of debt.

I know you've heard them before.  Things like "You need a high…


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Finding the Best Place to Work

Most people are very concerned with how to find job opportunities. But finding opportunities is only part of the job search struggle. Finding the best place to work for you personally, is even more important, and I’ll tell you why.

Job satisfaction is a big…


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30 Second Tip – Stop Folding Your Underwear

Stop folding your underwear.

Sounds funny, right?  But think about it.  Is this really necessary??

I am meticulous about having tidy and organized closets and dresser space.  I hate when I can’t find a piece of clothing or accessory that I want to wear within the 30 seconds or so which I’ve dedicated to finding it.  And I really hate when that item looks disheveled and therefore doesn’t wear well.  So everything is neatly hung up or folded when being put away.

Except my…


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Need help counting your blessings? Spend a week without them!

When you’re on the trail for 8 days, hiking 6-10 miles per day, you have a lot of time to yourself to think about your life and your life’s choices. And when you’re “off the grid”, you can’t help but assess and evaluate all the things in your life that you no longer have access to and that you take for granted. Read on for my top 10 list of things that I was missing and appreciating more... (continue)

How about you? What do you…


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Creating Positive Action through Positive Vision

I have learned working as a life/health coach that no matter what it is we are trying achieve; better relationships, a career we enjoy, better eating habits, incorporating physical activity into our life or finding spiritual peace is we must first make a decision to dedicate our thoughts to…


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Have You Been Mediocred?

I know... mediocred isn't a word. It is, however, a reality. I see it in my life and in the lives of others. You know you've been mediocred when mediocrity becomes the norm. I've worked with and for people who were mediocred. I've had conversations with clients who were mediocred. I've even consulted with companies that exhibited characteristics of being mediocred.

How do you know you've been…


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You’re a Minister and If You’re Not, You Should Be!

I just got done listening to Dan Miller on his 48 Days to the Work You Love internet radio show. While I no longer am really searching for work and am very happy with my current life, I also realize that there are things that I can do to make myself better. In the process I can also do everything I do better to the benefit of all the people I get to serve. Dan Miller has been someone who has inspired me greatly over the years and I continue to gain quite a bit of wisdom from…


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Are You Living Life Forward?

My good friend Kent Julian has a business that revolves around living life forward. As a matter of fact, it's called Live It Forward. In case you're not familiar with the concept, he expresses it as "empowering you to move from dream to do". I've known him for a number of years, and he not only teaches others to do it but lives it in his own life.

Well, guess what? This year will be the inaugural launch of his new Live…


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Brain Health: Is it Alzheimer’s or Just Normal Age Related Changes

Here is a list of 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease contrasted with the normal age-related changes we all experience from time to…


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Kakasana – several advanced variations of the Crow

Monika shows several variations of Kakasana, the Crow from different perspectives. The Crow helps to develop balance, concentration and strength. Try the side Crow, a challenging Yoga Asana.

Commented by Kaivalya, demonstrated…


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But...Will It Fly?

One of the most frequent questions I get from clients is whether or not I believe their idea can produce a good revenue stream. Let’s face it, everyone has ideas about all kinds of things but to really have wings an idea must satisfy specific criteria.

It’s not uncommon for an idea to have an amorphous shape in the beginning but become more distinct with time. Similarly an idea can have many loose ends about what it will finally “look like” but become more distinguishable with polish…


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Spartan Up and Know Thy Self!

"What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates

If you are a member here on 48Days.net, a listener of Dan's podcast, or a reader of his books you know that finding or…


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3 Easy Ways to Build Others

Today, I'm passing on some tips from my husband. He uses these in counseling couples and families. I hope you enjoy them.

August 2016 Picture When we build others up we are doing more than lifting their spirits for the moment. Encouragement helps people persevere through life’s many challenges. Ironically, encouraging other people satisfies the encourager too.

Life has beaten and bogged down many…


Added by Debbie W. Wilson on August 23, 2016 at 7:14am — 2 Comments

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Four Types of Content You Should Offer

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to serve more people better. In other words, they want to improve what they have to offer while also reaching more people. Though that's a common objective, different people approach it in different ways. Some see their content as far less important than it really is. Others only see one way of offering content to their audiences.



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It Matters Because You Matter

Hi my name is Dave Weiss and I love what I do. I love painting my pictures, pastoring my church and preaching God's Word. I love writing and encouraging creatives, talking about art and creative ministry, and I really love doing this blog, even if I get behind sometimes.

Every once in a while though something happens that gets me rattled, or maybe something I created falls flat or someone says something that makes it all feel pretty insignificant. Have you ever been there? You might…


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Health: Addiction to Pain Drugs

“Data shows the number of prescriptions written for opioids as well opioid overdose deaths have skyrocketed in recent years, highlighting a growing addiction problem in the U.S.” Time.com

When we think of…


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