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Welcome to the community!

Welcome! Know we are excited you are here. 

Where is the best place to start in this large community?

Knowing that most of our members who join are looking to move forward in their progress, we suggest that everyone start off by joining 1-3 of our groups that can be found HERE. Caution: We have a lot of great groups, however in order NOT to be overwhelmed, we suggest sticking with 1-3 groups versus joining many groups as we find it easier to meaningfully connect. 

Why do we suggest start by joining 1-3 groups?

For it is with a rising tide that we can find all ships are lifted.

We have the best leaders around as well as some amazing members here at 48days.net who are eager to see you succeed.

What do you do when you join a group?

If you are looking to receive the best results, we suggest you start by diving in and introducing yourself, asking questions, and giving input to those who seek it. 

What are some of the top recommended groups?

While all our groups are great, you can click on some of the links below that match your interest:

If you would additional new member information on how to get started, please click HERE


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Indoor soccer field

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Webinar software/program question

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Dan's Blog

You don’t need to be the party animal

You don’t need to be the party animal I am deeply introverted so your process was very uncomfortable and unnatural to me. I must admit, I’ve been ‘playing’ at it for too long and need to launch in a big way. Am I too young to coach? How do I stop coaching someone I don’t like? What is the best way to purchase a web domain? Do you ever own it or are you just renting it by the year?...

Are you being honest about what’s slowing you down?

Recently I was on board a beautiful new boat with a friend.  While the boat looked absolutely stunning from everything I could see, the owner told me it was time to pull it out of the water and see what unwanted debris was hanging on under the surface.  As any boat enthusiast knows, this is about the time of year when owners pull their boats out of the water and check for those things that are not easily seen from...

How can these guys both be in the same business?

Last week I talked with two guys, both in the landscape business.  The first complained bitterly about customers who were hard to please, did not pay their bills on time and didn’t understand the big picture of landscaping.  He went on to say his machines would break down through no fault of his own and that he was filing bankruptcy that day. The next morning I spoke with Noe, the guy who has taken care of my landscaping and lawn maintenance for...

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