A biblical concept we have employed in our family is the concept of building memory stones. In the Old Testament we see many examples where the Israelites are told to stack stones to provide a marker of the point of God’s deliverance. The stones are used to remind the current generation and to tell future generations of that deliverance. In our family, we don’t use actual stones, rather we use concrete memories. We remind ourselves through repeating those stories of times when we faced great difficulties in which we saw the LORD’s hand in the deliverance.

One of those times happened several years ago. Our daughter was in the midst of her postgraduate work and became very sick. She missed a significant amount of schooling. As a result she came face-to-face with some difficult decision-makers about how she would progress. The walls that popped up were requiring her to face the fact that she would have to retake the whole year over again. She knew her stuff and had accomplished the work but had missed too many classes over the month that she was sick.

In the midst of all this, she came in and sat on our bed one evening, in tears. She felt it was unfair that she would have to retake everything even though she knew the material. After listening to her and comforting her, we asked her to recount some of the memory stones in her life when ways were created where there seemed to be no way. She was able to tell of specific incidences. We asked her if she trusted in the LORD and she replied, “Yes”.  We reminded her that if retaking classes were meant to be, she could count it as good. We also encouraged her not to give up because maybe more memory stones were going to be built here. She dried her tears knowing that there was truth to what we were saying. Three days later, it just so “happened”, those brick walls disappeared. Had we not experienced this before, we would have thought it unbelievable. We try to talk about at least one of those memory stone times when we get together as a family. Our hope is that future generations will hear and be encouraged.

This concept works as well in business as it does in life. Most successful businesses have memory stone incidences that created the foundation of their success. I encourage you to find a way to remember those times. It is important to share those memories with the current generation so that the future generations won’t forget what got them there.

I would love to hear about your memory stones.                 www.youhavethemic.com            www.habit – builder.com

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