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How to Stop Laziness and Start Working Productively after a Great Loss

How hard it is for people to get motivated to do something? You need to push yourself a bit to reach your full potential at whatever it is you’re doing. Getting demotivated, on the other hand, is extremely easy. That’s because our minds are attracted to negative thoughts.

Let’s say you see a beautiful woman with a clean, white dress. But, the dress has a coffee stain on it. If you’re like most people, you won’t notice the clean dress because you’ll keep staring at the stain no matter how hard you try not to. What is it about our minds and negative thoughts?

When we lose someone or something that was important to us, the negative state of mind is especially accentuated. In moments like those, it seems impossible for us to get out of bed and face the new day. Productivity seems like a mission impossible. Can we change that?

How a Great Loss Can Block Us

When we try to define what the term great loss means for us, the first thing we think of is death. Loss of people we love affects us very deeply, but it’s not the only thing that can devastate us. Norman Cousins, an American author and world peace advocate, found a nice way to put that idea into words: “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

A student not getting a scholarship is a great loss, since without it, they cannot get the education they aimed for. A basketball player getting seriously injured is a great loss. Sebastien Bellin, a former Oakland basketball player, was severely injured in the Brussels terrorist attack in March 2016. He needed six surgeries and a long healing process, but now he is reunited with his family, and more positive than ever. “The positive approach works. I’m convinced it works because I just beat death,” – he said.

A personal tragedy can bring you lower than you could ever imagine being. It crushes your dreams, and you lose everything you hoped for. How do some people manage to deal with such loss? How do they get back to work?

Something Inside You Died? How Do You Put Yourself Back Up?

When people suffer a great loss, they go through a personal change. You feel like you’re not the same person you used to be. You lost an important thing, but most of all, you lost touch with yourself. You become unmotivated to work, and you keep watching TV shows. Can we hide behind the mask of depression forever? Or will find a more suitable word for the lack of activity: laziness.

When you’re in an unpleasant situation, someone telling you that you’re lazy would seem harsh. Reality hit: you need to admit it to yourself that you’ve gotten lazy. It’s time to rebuild your life all over again.

Try following these tips. It will be difficult. You’ll need to make great effort and push yourself to do things your body and mind resist to. But, you’re worth it!

1. Take a piece of paper. Write down: what do you have?

Are you in good health? Do you have a job? Do you have a home? Are there any people who love you? Do you have people you love?

If you try hard enough, you will find things in your life you should appreciate. There are mothers who lose a child. Such pain is too great to imagine. When they start neglecting the other child they have because they are too hurt to carry on with life, they are making things even more difficult for everyone. That’s because they fail to see that there’s something worth fighting for.

Jane Roberts, a writing expert from Australianwritings service, mentions: ‘”When you’re dealing with a great loss, it’s hard to do your job. That’s because you don’t appreciate what you have and you only see the negative things that happened. Write something on that paper. That simple activity will add new perspective to your life.”

2. Set the right goals

You didn’t manage to achieve important professional goals? It’s time to review them. Some goals are toxic. They consume our entire vision for the future, so we become completely unmotivated to do anything else when we fail at them. Be honest with yourself: were those goals realistic? Scrap them!

Think of an activity that makes you smile or lose track of time. Writing or exercising, maybe? Set some goals around those activities and do everything in your power to achieve them. Turn those activities into daily habits, and you’ll notice how they make you a bit happier. Then, remind yourself: having a job is part of life. Set the right professional goals and stay on the track that keeps you motivated.

3. Put yourself out there

After a great loss, people want to spend their time at home, being alone. Loneliness won’t help you. It will only leave you alone with your negative thoughts.

Talk to a colleague you like. You don’t have to talk about what’s going on with your life. You can talk about random stuff, such as cosmetics or the presidential elections. Do not allow their success to discourage you. On the contrary; it should inspire you to do better. Ask them to help you with any part of the work you’re struggling with. When you have the support you need, you’ll be back on track before you know it.

You Want Success? It’s Up to You!

Losing an important part of your life is difficult. Does that mean you’re allowed to spend your days in misery and laziness? These words may seem harsh, but no! You’re not allowed to be lazy! There are practical techniques that will help you get back on the track of productivity and work towards a brighter future. The loss will still be part of your life, but you will stop identifying yourself with it.

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Comment by Chris Conley on December 15, 2016 at 9:49am

Jessica, great post. I enjoyed your examples of what we notice, human nature, like the stain on the dress. Also enjoyed the Norman Cousins quote, hadn't heard that one. thanks for sharing.

Group Leader
Comment by Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" on December 14, 2016 at 8:03am

Jessica, what a fantastic post!!! It was a definite post that is geared to get our mojo back after a butt kicking. Love it!!!

Jeff, so sorry about the loss of your mother in law, the health of your sisters and your parents marriage issues. So happy for you however that you took action to nourish your soul!!!! 

Comment by Jeff David on December 13, 2016 at 2:59pm

Hi Jessica, Thank you for your post. 2016 has been a challenging year. My mother-in-law passed away in January and the emotional effect on my wife has been palpable, my sister went through a very aggressive form of caner, and my parent's marriage was (and still is) on the verge of divorce. We all got emotionally sucked in.

I was beat down for quite a while. Finally I began to focus on gratitude and learned to let go of some toxic people around me. It's amazing how my soul has been lifted. I had to take the action and keep it up.

All the best on your journey,


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