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I got certified as a coach a few years ago - well after I left the military.  Whether you "become a coach" or not it is a good skill to have.  I've used it more internally with the consulting I do, but in 2016 I started doing more formal coaching.  The typical coach makes less than $10,000 a year.  Those who scale their business make well into 7 figures.  The key is getting from a time for dollars model to a product or subscription model.  Like many people, I know the formula, but am still working on the execution. If you are thinking about coaching, where are you in the process?  and what are you struggling with to get going?

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Thanks for the post Robert. Where did you get your certification? Did you attending Coaching with Excellence? Also, you mentioned that you use your coaching skills in your consulting. How do you differentiate coaching and consulting? I believe that there is a coaching market for transitioning military members, essentially a one-on-one TAP program that is customized to meet their individual needs. It would be great if the VA picked up the bill for this, but probably more effective if the individual veteran paid their own way. Perhaps we could get grants to offset the full cost of coaching. In either case, the need is clear. How would you tailor your coaching to a transitioning military professional? Thanks again for posting!--Lee

I'm slowly(?) moving toward coaching as an income stream.  It's as scary as anything I've ever done as I tend to be averse to change, much less uncertain change.  Unexpected from someone who had a successful 22yr military career?  I don't know.  But I'm on my second job since transitioning, working for an FFRDC in exactly the kind of position and for my "dream" company.  But there's a pull toward coaching as I love to help other people succeed and people appreciate my advice and observations about how they can improve.

My status:  I love using DISC to help people understand how to communicate better.  And my favorite product (of 2 types I've seen) is the one produced by Innermetrix, so I went to Results Group LLC and got certified as an analyst of the combination of DISC and two other profiles that really are effective at showing where and/or how people can interact best at work (and at home, for that matter).  I do need to practice a bit more, so I need to spend targeted time with some people, but that's hard to get started, especially with a full-time job.  But I feel like that's a direction I ought to pursue.

I feel like the next concrete step for me would be to get some coaching certification, but I know that for me, at least at the beginning, a well-structured coaching format will be best; maybe Results Group's 5th Level Coaching certification is what I'm looking for.

I did my training through certified coaches alliance.  I think the most useful part was coaching with a partner for practice, recording the sessions, and giving each other feedback.  My partner and I still keep in touch after years (we may actually meet for the first time next month).  I would recommend The Portable Coach and CoActive Coaching if you don't already have copies.  

Let me know what I can do to help.


I got started coaching last year. It has been extremely slow building up my client list. My niche is military and veterans just because I'm a veteran and I want to give back. I've gone to the local Air force installation to try and get my foot in the door and do free workshops at the Family Readiness Center, but they haven't given me any headway yet. Do you have recommendations?

I would check with the local retiree organizations (www.moaa.org or others)

I would check with the transition assistance office on base.  As I remember family assistance was more geared towards dealing with deployments, financial assistance like WIC, and other things.  Also it was more geared towards enlisted than officers.  
Put on your own function at the officers/NCOs club or whatever you might have on base.  It might be worth a couple hundred in snacks to get an audience.  Having an actual presentation that you can take on the road to different bases would definitely help.

I just posted this in our Coaching with Excellence group, but thought the group might enjoy these articles as we just shared them as Dan's top three articles on LinkedIn for building your coaching business:

if you are interested, you can find the links at:

Robert, I have held 3 senior leadership positions since retiring from the Air Force and positioned myself as a leadership and career coach based on that experience.  I was certified through the Coaching Training Alliance and the John Maxwell Group and endorsed by the 48 Days Group.  My niche has been training and coaching retired military officers.  I started out facilitating free  3-8 week mastermind groups.  We would study John Maxwell's' "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership", and I often picked up one or two coaching clients from those groups.  Last year I was informed that the governor is considering offering coaching to senior leadership officials in state departments.  I submitted my resume and was accepted but am yet to hear anymore about it.  I agree with an earlier post that it would be a great idea if the VA offered something (free) for military retirees.

Additionally, I am a certified DiSC facilitator and am certified through Wiley's, formally "Inscape Publishing".  I require all my coaching clients to take the DiSC in order to give me a better idea of who I am working with.

So many state agencies could use it.  I would like to see an example of a state that is embracing it.  I could see it being a hard sell in some states.  Several years ago I proposed a program in CT that was 100% results based so if I didn't produce results I wouldn't get paid.  I got a letter back from the Governor's Chief of Staff saying that they couldn't afford it.  


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