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Anyone care to share what they plan to read this summer?

This is my list:

Seth Godin- Poke the Box, The Dip, (just finished:) Tribes

Stephen Covey- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Simon Sinek- Start with Why

Cal Newport- Deep Work

Ayn Rand- Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, Atlas Shrugged (again, because it's my favorite book next to the Bible)

HBR- Emotional Intelligence

Cloud & Townsend- Safe People, (currently reading:) Integrity

Brad Thor- The Lions of Lucerne

I've already read Dan's Wisdom Meets Passion, No More Dreaded Mondays and 48 Days to the Work You Love, so it's not an insult that they're not listed :o)

It's a big list because I've had a stack of books waiting to be read and because I just put in my resignation from my job of 10 years and will have an almost three month break before going to the University full-time in August

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I just finished Patrick McGinnis's - The 10% Entrepreneur

I'm currently reading Emergence by Derek Rydel

Tim Ferriss'  - Tools of Titans is next on the list

Great list!

The 10% Entrepreneur sounded really good on the podcast. 

It is also on my list, I just haven't bought it yet. 

Seems like I've heard of "Tools of Titans", or I saw it at the bookstore... 

OK fellow readers, let me suggest an app that rocked my world: Blinkist.

Basically, it is a summary of ideas presented in current and popular business books (remember Cliff Notes?) boiled down to their key points (I read EntreLeadership in 15 minutes; I read Start with Why in 13 minutes).  And have you ever read a book (especially a business book) and thought the information could of been presented in 12 pages (instead of 200)? Me too - often.

Blinkist has been a great way to "read" a book to see if I actually want to "read" it. I generally discover however, the Blinkist version is all I need. You can choose audio format, highlight text, and it can be used on any device -- if you want to check it out just Google "Blinkist".

Have a great day follow learners!!!



that sounds interesting. 

I usually regret reading a short version because it's almost like the spoilers to a movie, but I will check it out regardless. There are times when I want the short version simply because I don't have time for the whole book at that moment (mostly when I have a lot to read for school already). 

I appreciate the info!

So I have to say I'm hooked on Seth Godin's books right now and somewhat frustrated that it's hard to get extra copies to give out to people (Amazon limits me to one of each title..., Barnes and Noble seems to only carry one at a time).

Getting ready to start 'Start with Why', just finished a Christian book and am finishing a book on Captain Paul Watson.

I'm a little surprised more people aren't chiming in, but maybe this forum isn't the best place to rave about books... 

Most of the people who are active participators are over at the new eagles group. I'd highly recommend it: https://48dayseagles.com/

As for my reading, my next book is Start with Why by Simon Sinek. Its been on my to read list for a while now. I'll be starting it today! 

The main book I want to try reading this summer is The 10% Entrepreneur. I'm very interested in the material given that I'm just now launching my own side business recording audiobooks. We'll see how well I can apply his 15-hour a week formula :)

Some other that might yet make it on there are as follows: 

Free Marketing - Jim Cockrum

Will It Fly - Pat Flynn

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci - Michael J. Gelb

The 4-Hour Workweek - Timothy Ferriss (If I read it this summer it might be one to revisit again in a few years once I've grown my business.)

Poetics - Aristotle (I thought this might be a neat resource for storyteller tips as a fiction writer, especially when it comes to thematic structure; in the future, I might try using it as the basis of creative writing course.)

The Trivium - Sis. Miriam Joseph (I have an interest in linguistics that I think could be used to great effect in my writing; principles like this would be very useful when constructing a fictional language for a sci-fi/fantasy setting, for example). 

Nice list! 

I saw the Michael Gelb book the other day, seems interesting!

10% Entrepreneur will be on the list before long as well.

Looking forward to updates on your business!

Great Picks!

All great suggestions. I've been hearing about Deep Work & have now put on my list.

I'm reading: Made to Stick by: Dan Heath | Jab, Jab Jab, Rught Hook by: Gary Vee | Diplomacy by: Henry Kissinger

New to the group and excited to see what's shared!

I'm really enjoying my books. I hope everyone else is enjoying their list as well!


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