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Dr. Jason Cabler's Comments

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At 8:47am on September 18, 2014, Carey Green said…

You too... blessings today!

At 8:24am on September 18, 2014, Carey Green said…

Thanks for the bio snippet... Dentist - I've gotta' go soon, it's been too long... missing crown :(.

I love the financial piece of what you're doing. So many families and folks don't get that training growing up. You're doing a great service!

At 8:00am on September 18, 2014, Carey Green said…

Thanks for the friend request Jason. Give a thumbnail of what you're up to in life... who you are. Thanks!

At 7:49am on September 18, 2014, Josh Schukman said…

Thanks for the friend request, Doc!  Looking forward to connecting.

At 11:20am on July 17, 2014, Tracy Sullivan said…

Thank you for connecting with me.

At 8:22pm on June 18, 2014, Sheena Tardieu said…

Thank you for connecting! 

At 8:02pm on May 27, 2014, Arlene Rattan said…

Thanks for connecting.  Love you blogs looking at retirement funding.

At 9:21am on March 27, 2014, Tim Bishop said…

Funny. I just got back from the dentist this morning. I thought I had escaped them for another four months, but here you are! ;) Sorry, but the stigma of inflicting pain on innocent victims, and then taking their money from them, comes with the territory! And, no, I haven't read How to Win Friends and Influence People, but perhaps I need to give it a go!

And another odd coincidence: my wife's dad passed away just last week. He lived in Hendersonville for years before moving to Colorado in 2008. I was there once...thought it was a very nice place filled with friendly people.

Anyway, enough of that. Thanks, Jason, for the friend request. I wish you much success in achieving your life goals.


At 7:16pm on March 2, 2014, Jason Pockrandt said…

Glad to connect. Love the name. :) 

At 1:37pm on February 18, 2014, Pei Kang said…

Awesome to be connected! Love what you do. Have to chat more later.

At 6:12pm on February 16, 2014, Joel Boggess said…

Good for you Jason! Preaching is good word is very refreshing. 

I'd like to hear more about it. What did you enjoy the most about it? 

At 2:58pm on February 16, 2014, Joel Boggess said…

Hope your having a great day Jason!

At 1:51pm on February 13, 2014, Joel Boggess said…

Hi Jason,

Thank you for adding me as a friend.

My wife is endo so I know the industry very well.
Congratulations on the products you've already designed. For a dentist, pulling the trigger is not always easy. :-)
It's a fun group to be a part of - designed for folks who 

want to harness traditional media (TV and radio), nail their message and delivery, and write best selling books. These three things are my speciality.

- Joel

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At 10:09pm on December 13, 2013, Alain(Alby)Mbanjabahizi said…

thanks for connecting Dr. Jason.i appreciate .

At 2:31pm on December 8, 2013, Craig Peters said…

Thanks for connecting Jason.  Looking forward to seeing all you are doing!  If I can help in any way, let me know!


At 5:35pm on December 7, 2013, Kingsley Colley said…
Hi Jason. Thx for the friend request. I'm new to 48 days community but listening to Dan for some time. Looking forward to seeing more of ur info. You can see more on www.creocultura.com Facebook.com/creocultura
Twitter. @creocultura
At 2:43pm on November 6, 2013, Brad McCullouch said…

Welcome Jason to the site. We are glad you joined us. I know that you will enjoy your experience on the site. Connect and network with others. Join the groups and participate in group forum discussions. Check out my group, The Dan Miller Victory Group, http://www.48days.net/group/brad-mccullouch-dan-miller-victory.

At 10:14am on November 2, 2013, Joel Boggess said…

Hi Jason - Welcome to the 48 Days community. We're glad you joined.

This is the idea and social networking site for people that want to create their own opportunity or find the work they love.

Depending on your interests, there is a wide selection of discussion groups to get involved with. 

To get started and make the most of your experience, visit our handy get started tutorial page. You'll find how-to videos and suggestions.

How else can I help? 


48 Days advisory team

- Joel

The go-to guy for clarity, confidence, and direction. ™

At 4:00pm on October 30, 2013,
Group Leader
Kent Julian

Hi Again Jason,

Thanks for responding back to me. I see you already jumped in on Speak It Forward. I think you'll love it. Amazing people. Amazing group.

Live It Forward,
Kent Julian

PS In case you're interested, I offer Goal-Setting That Actually Works! to those join the SHOW UP AND SHINE Movement (both are free). You can join by using the box at the top right side of any page on the Live It Forward website. I think you'll get a ton out of both resources.

At 6:38am on October 23, 2013,
Group Leader
Kent Julian

Hi Dr. Jason,

I try to take time each week to welcome new members to 48Days.Net. So, let me say "welcome" to you! I know you will find this to be a great site filled with people who are experiencing true success in both life and work.

Also, I'd like to point out that one of the best places to connect with other liked-minded people here is in the GROUPS section. There are groups for just about every interest you can imagine. What's more, if you can't find a group that interests you, you can start one. Groups are my favorite part of 48Days.Net!

Finally, if you happen to be a speaker or author (or want to become either), check out these two groups. They are two of the most popular groups on the site because of all the great conversation taking place:

* Speak It Forward -- REAL Success and Profit for Speakers!
* Write It Forward -- REAL Success and Profit for Writers!

Enjoy 48Days.Net. It's a great place to be!

Live it forward,
Kent Julian

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