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At 6:52pm on April 9, 2016, Justin Gentry said…

Hey Ashley! I'm sorry I missed you too! My wife, Jenny, and I will definitely follow up by connecting with you via FB.

Thank you very much Ashley!

At 7:56pm on September 8, 2014, Joanne Miller said…

What a beautiful comment you wrote on my blog, Ashley.  The statement that your home is a library of stories is outstanding.  A phrase I will use in my forthcoming book, with your permission, of course.  So glad you are so sentimental.  Love you bunches.  Momma

At 5:03am on April 4, 2014, Cheri Perkins said…

Ashley, It was so great to meet you at Innov48.  The conference was beyond amazing, but honestly, the biggest blessing what seeing a family in unity that are all working towards the same cause.  I loved seeing each member of the family (children, grandchildren, in-laws, etc) all contributing their talents toward the vision.  I wish you could bottle and sell the talent that exists within you and your family, but until then, I will settle for cyber-stalking you on 48days.net to see what all you come up with next!  : )

Thanks for doing what you do with such EXCELLENCE!  


At 5:17pm on January 29, 2014, Marcy Travis said…


Thanks for the information on the different coaching programs that you offer. I am a longtime fan of your Dad's and I would love to do the 6 month program as I would do the work and I think his and your input would benefit me greatly. I'm not in a position to be able to swing the 6 month program at this time, as my husband and I are finishing up Dave Ramsey's baby step program.

However, in the meantime I have joined the Coaching with Excellence Group, and will work through the Entrepreneur Start Up Kit.

Thanks again for the information and for offering to answer any questions.


Marcy Travis

At 7:46am on January 28, 2014, Marcy Travis said…

Thanks so much for adding me to the Coaching With Excellence Group. I am excited to learn and participate. Just starting to explore what Coaching is all about.

At 3:16pm on September 28, 2012,
Group Leader
Alan Jackson

Congratulations to you and Nathan on your latest arrival. Looking forward to meeting her in person in at the Christmas Open House.

At 2:38pm on June 18, 2012, Jeff David said…

Hello Ashley, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to be a member of the 48 Days Community. Recently I have been coaching with Joel Boggess. He is truly amazing and I am grateful for all that he has done to help me.

Again, it's a pleasure to be here.


Jeff David

At 5:36pm on January 30, 2012, Joan Smith said…


I loved getting to know your family at the Coaching with Excellence workshop. Your family is adorable! Thank you for sharing yourself and them with us.

You do a great job of working alongside your dad.  It was a winning two days.

Just wanted to say Thanks.

Hi to Nathan, Dan, and Joanne also.

Joan Smith

At 10:25pm on August 9, 2011, Chad Dixon said…


Great post. It was something I needed to hear.

Thank you.

Chad Dixon

At 10:53am on May 8, 2011, Connie M Williams said…

Hi Ashley:

Sheila and I are excited to have you and Nathan on the show this week. We are looking forward to it so much.  See you soon.  Happy Mother's Day to you!

Connie Williams


At 2:37pm on April 13, 2011, Brent Green said…

You're welcome! You guys did a nice job w/ the event....planning to come back to another in the future :)

In Him,


At 10:51am on April 12, 2011, Brent Green said…
Great job last week :)
At 7:12pm on April 11, 2011, Erin Shaw said…

Hi Ashley,


You all did a fantastic job putting together Write to the Bank last weekend. It truly was a phenomenal experience!  Thanks so much!



At 12:07pm on June 21, 2010, Jesse Lahey said…
Ashley, great meeting you at the WTTB seminar last week!

BTW, I signed up for the newsletter on 48days.com. I looked for quite a while on 48days.net for way to sign up for the newsletter, and then I finally realized that I had to go to 48days.com to sign up. With all your promotion for 48days.net, you might want to add a link from it to the newsletter. I'm looking forward to receiving it!
At 12:14pm on May 31, 2010, Marilynn Hood said…
Thanks, Ashley. I will do that!
At 11:50pm on September 24, 2009, Dan Powell said…
Ashley...Any way a person can become a 48 days facilitator.......without attending the events in Tennessee?
At 2:21pm on July 2, 2009, Lisa Krosinski said…
Thank you for the speedy response Ashley. To clarify, I meant Certified Facilitator when referring to my colleague. I appreciate the email address, and I will definitely join the 48 Days Seminars group!
At 11:01am on July 2, 2009, Lisa Krosinski said…
Thank you for the wealth of information you bring to this site.
There are some corporations going out of business in my area, and we would like to approach them about offering the 48 Days classes to their employees. My colleague has already been certified as a 48 Days Coach, and we were wondering if you could offer a few tips on how we should move forward in making our initial contact with these businesses. Thanks in advance for your help!
At 9:33am on May 22, 2009, Angy Shabuki said…
As I travel on 48days.net I study as many profiles as I can handle and find all to be inspiring to move forward. I am no longer alone. Thanks for being an example, may all your goals COME to BE!
At 3:33pm on May 14, 2009, Rachel Porter said…
Does your middle name happen to be Rose? :)

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