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Yesterday, amidst the hustle that is typical of my morning routine, I heard the phrase “this will be your finest hour”.  I do not recall whether it was a passing thought that streamed through my mind or if it was a random statement made by the female minister on TV that echoed from our living room to the kitchen where I was getting things squared away to start the day.   Be it a silent thought or an audible voice, it was very prominent and stuck with me throughout the day.  

It immediately reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from the movie, Apollo 13.  The movie replays the real life drama of the astronauts, led by Jim Lovell, aboard the impaired spacecraft.  Their mission was to land on the moon. This was not to occur due to an engine explosion on their command module.  The folks at Mission Control had to find a way to get them safely back to earth with limited fuel and resources. The obstacles to overcome were ongoing and spelled D-O-O-M-E-D to the millions watching the drama on TV back on this planet! 

They had to use the moon’s gravitational pull to somehow “sling” the spacecraft around the orb back toward Earth, there were issues with CO2 build up in the craft that strained the oxygen supply and nearly killed the crew onboard, the electrical system was compromised and had to be conserved producing a freezer-like environment in their celestial lifeboat, and finally they would have to survive an inferno-like greeting upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere exceeding 3,000 degrees!  

Mission Control in Houston was an organized form of chaos and the success of getting the men back safely was anything but guaranteed.  A blackout period with no means of communication with the crew was not to exceed three minutes – it did.  At the beginning of this time window, the Mission Control commander took his place awaiting the outcome, when he overhears the voices of his superiors prophesying the life or death mission to get them back as failing and the subsequent negative ramifications on the Space Program.  Much to his credit, he does not buy the negative talk and states, “with all due respect, I believe this will be our finest hour!” The actual clip can be viewed below.


I thought about the words “Your Finest Hour” again this morning.  On my way to work an 18 wheeler was in front of me with the words “Against All Odds” printed on the back of the cab.  Seeing that message was kind of unusual and not a coincidence, but yet another reminder of a words that have been firmly planted in my heart in recent years.  Lately, this message has been pouring into me with Niagara-like force. 

A few short years ago, there was much uncertainty inside of me as to what my future held.  There were money problems, marital strains (thank you God for healing!), career dissatisfaction, and the nagging question of “what’s my purpose?” playing on me.  My thoughts about many things were all over the map and quite honestly, disheartening.

In many ways, I felt lost in space like that spacecraft.  In the midst of it all I heard a Voice speak to me - “This will be your finest hour!” Those words still carry me much like they did when I first received them.  I know that I am now out of danger and I am pressing toward the good plan for my life, one that gives me a future and a hope! There is much happening and many rivers converging to lead me to believe otherwise.

What is spelling “F-A-I-L-E-D M-I-S-S-I-O-N” in your life?  

  • Could it be a marriage gone awry or with day-to-day strains?
  • Does your bank account remind you of temperatures in Siberia, sub-zero?
  • Are your children, grown or growing, causing you to lose heart because of problems?
  • Are there pressures at work that you simply can no longer bear?
  • What else is spelling D-O-O-M-E-D for you?

This list could go on and on and on! Perhaps the better thought or question to ponder might be, “Against all odds, what in my life is working towards me experiencing my finest hour?” Even those things that appear to be setting themselves against you will be used on your behalf. 

It is there, seek it and you will surely find it – God is not silent.  He will speak.  He will pour into you. Listen.  Respond. Mission accomplished!



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Comment by Spencer Burnside on March 3, 2012 at 11:41am

Bruce, this is a great post. I like the question to ponder: "what in my life is working towards me experiencing my finest hour?" I've recently seen God's hand in my life, what appeared to be a situation setting itself against me, turned out to create the perfect environment for me to grow. Thanks for your thoughts.

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