I am very tired. Tired of making money for other people. Yes, I have made a good living, I have a house, 2 cars, some nice stuff, I can go out to dinner if I want, I go on a vacation every now and then. I have a great family, 3 beautiful girls and a wife that still takes my breath away. But and this is a really big but.......I am a restless man. I have figured out most areas of my life. I still have a big problem, I am bored. This is the point where a lot of men my age screw up their lives and have the mid-life crisis. They checkout mentally and buy a new car, a new woman, a new job, or sometimes all three. They do things they never would have, just a few months before the check-out. The movie Jerry McGuire is a great example of where I am at and  how I am feeling. In the movie Jerry wants more than just the money, he wants to feel good about what he does, he wants to build relationships he wants to do good and he wants the money(Money allows him to do the other things). This is what I want. I want a Calling. A Calling is defined as a “Job with a purpose” It is what I want and need. As I was listening to one of Dan's Podcasts I realized that the circle of my life is unbalanced. I'm restless. Before that day in the car listening to Dan speak, RESTLESS......No more. Lose weight, make a plan, pay more attention to my wife and children, share my journey, make my life into what I know it can be and what I will make it into.

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Comment by Seth Haigh on April 28, 2012 at 10:40pm
I like you focus Russ!

What will your first baby steps be? More specifically, what are the first three small changes you will make to your daily habbits right now in order to lose weight, pay more attention, and share more over time?

With warm regard,

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