WISDOM MEETS PASSION: Let’s Link Arms and Make this Happen!

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I do this from time to time to really get something out that I believe in, but this is a one of a kind release coming out this month and I want to make sure you are all aware of what’s coming up.

Again, next week my wife and I are traveling to Franklin, TN this month to be with some wonderful people, great minds, and experience best selling author Dan Miller’s and his entrepreneurial son Jared Angaza’s new release, Wisdom meets Passion.

My wife and I are very excited about this, as we’ve been discussing work models within corporateAmericaand what’s currently working, what’s going away, and what we’re going to see more and more of. This book is really bringing it home and as it presses the need to bridge the gap between two totally different generations in order to experience real meaning and success!

Baby Boomers have relied on wisdom for success, and the younger generations have relied on Passion, however what we’re hearing is that both are needed and this message which Dan and Jared delivers, teaches us how to blend the two-equipping you to accomplish your greatest goals, experience the thrill of fulfilling relationships, create meaningful work and to complete your purpose and calling here on earth no matter which age group you represent.

Wisdom meets Passion isn’t a movement or a new philosophy. It’s a reminder. A wakeup call. An outline to engage us in living a more extraordinary life. To help us become the very best of who we are.

To thrive.

Come Join us Now!

We have until the 30th of August to take advantage of some incredible perks and value. I hope that we can all link arms, collaborate, contribute to helping make this amazing wakeup call happen and then celebrate this new launch together.

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Welcome to the Future!


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Comment by Ann Musico on August 15, 2012 at 1:35pm

Happy to spread the word and very excited to see the book!  Sounds amazing.

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