Have you ever said any of these things:

I’m not making any resolutions this year because they don’t work!

Setting goals is a waste of time. Even the research shows that most people don’t accomplish them.  

And you know what? You’d be right. Because goals don’t work…YOU have to do the work.

There is nothing magical about goals. Just because you decided this was the year to start your own business, finally leave that job you hate, lose 20 or more pounds or eat healthy food doesn’t mean it is going to happen. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know from experience.

The research confirms it. A study was done of 5 thousand subjects who set goals (all kinds of goals) over a period of 6 months or 1 year. Only about 10% of the participants reported any success.  

So I guess you could say the odds are against you and give up the whole goals thing altogether.  

On the other hand you could ask yourself what would work? How could you accomplish what you want in 2017? Here’s what worked for that successful ten percent:

  1. Shared the goal with someone else
  2. Rewarded themselves for making progress and visualized success
  3. Made a step by step action plan and charted progress

Creating a goal without creating an action plan is like signing up for a marathon but not putting in the time to practice every morning in preparation for the race. It’s like going on vacation, having a destination in mind but not putting the destination in your GPS or following the directions for how to get there. Can you imagine saying, “My GPS says turn left here but I’m not in the mood to go left today so I’ll just keep going straight. It will probably work out okay.” Then being surprised when you wind up in Kansas rather than Florida. Yet that is how many of us approach goals.  

Your action plan is your map, your GPS. To be successful you will need to not only create a plan but follow it until it becomes a habit that you do without thinking. Here’s an example. Say your goal is to sell 10 times more widgets this year than you did last year. You need to create an action plan to make that happen. Will you make 10 times more phone calls a day to potential customers? Will you send out X number of emails a day to potential or current clients? Will you attend a new networking event each week and share your excellent widgets with participants? Will you contact 5 current client each day to determine their need for new widgets? You get the idea. The point is to make it a regular process or habit each day to do something to sell those widgets.   

We don’t need to focus so much on setting new goals or resolutions for the new year. We need an action plan that supports our goals. Then we need to set ourselves up for success by following that action plan until it becomes a habit.

Ready to Build Your Business?

Starting February 1st, I’m opening the doors to Build Your Business, which is designed to help you build business success by attracting more clients, making more money and creating more freedom through structure and support. Here’s what you get in the program:  

Five Modules delivered to your inbox on-
Becoming a Prosperous Entrepreneur (why the entrepreneurial mindset is unique)
Identifying Your Ideal Client (figuring out who you serve and why)
Attracting your Ideal Client (figuring out where to find them and how to get them on your side)
Creating Your Client System (setting up smooth stress free programs)
Breaking out of Limiting Mindsets (developing and sustaining the confidence you need)

In addition, you will receive two personal coaching calls with me, so you can tailor the strategies to your unique business.  
The deadline to sign up is January 27th and (here’s the really cool part) you can begin the program whenever you are ready…

Yes you read that right! Just let me know when you want the modules to start and be sure to schedule the two coaching calls before December 15th. 

Are you in? Just want more info first? No problem. Email me at: dream@lynnewatts.com and I’ll get you all the details.

Dream Achiever Coaching is well worth the time and money. Lynne is a wonderful coach!  She offers priceless advice, encouragement, and support. She has personally helped reel me in to focus my time and energy appropriately and has also helped me achieve my dream of having an enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful business. Amy Molley, www.sensiblesensoryspaces.com/

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