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   Imagine for a moment your inner self, being like a large ocean-faring ship at sea. Pick for yourself some ship, maybe huge like a Cruise ship, or maybe something older and larger like the Titanic. Maybe something like the old triple, or four mast sailing ships you’ve seen in pirate movies. Maybe a high-tech cutters, like the ones that win world cup races… Alright, got the ship fixed in your mind!?


   Now, picture your ship being out in deep ocean, far from land. Imagine calm seas, the beautiful sunsets, sunrises. Maybe what you see are waves and storms back-dropped on dark black horizons. Watch out for the barrier reefs! Maybe you imagine seeing brand new island chains and beautiful new continents! Maybe you are sailing in the brightest and most beautiful of days.


   Alright, so we have this word picture painted in our minds, right? Let’s move on. Let’s shift our gaze to the Bridge of this mighty vessel. But more specifically to the helm, and who has the steering wheel in their hands. This is the all important question. There are only three people qualified to be on the bridge of your ship, to assume duties at the helm: your spirit man, your intellectual man and your emotional man. (Note: the term man is not gender specific) Without a doubt, each consider themselves worthy to steer. But are they?


   The intellectual man has his merits, he is: analytical, pragmatical, systematical and has large databases of knowledge and experience to choose from when making decisions. The emotional man has his merits as well: passion, real time feelings and intuitions, the ability to multiplex several emotions into one “grander than all” emotion! He too has large databases of experiences and emotional knowledge to bring into play when making a decision.  And lastly, the spirit man. His merits consist of: the ability to communicate with God, to freely receive from Him true wisdom and clear discernment. Your spirit man can receive intuitive direction, guidance and even advance warnings. The spirit man can take into account the things the intellectual and emotional man is advising, and filter them into a clear, well formed decision.


   I encourage you, when turning over the wheel of your life, evaluate who it is that you are handing the wheel over too, and what situations they will be sailing through. What horizons are out there and how desperately do you desire to arrive there in one piece.


   Please, before posting comments, questions... please visit our vision statement post, and as always I am grateful for your time spent here :-)

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