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Whiskey and Workshops – Weekly Motivational Updates

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As you may have noticed I’ve been out the past couple of weeks not posting anything.

I’ve been investing in my education, being around great people, but the huge win was the investment in Cheryl and I’s marriage.

We just hit our 10 year anniversary and we spent some of the time in Nashville TN together doing lots of cool things; namely hanging out and dancing on Music row, we visited a beautiful place called the Opryland hotel, and on the way back home we stopped by and toured the Jack Daniels distillery.

Cheryl and Rob posing with Jack on the Rocks…

It was all amazing, but let me digress and tell you about that distillery!

Having seen first hand the process and what it takes to make whiskey and turn it into a successful business was incredible. Just imagine Charlie and Chocolate factory, except it was barrels of whiskey. And yes we took the sample tour, which was about an hour and forty-five minutes of solid education on this business… plus three little samples of their products.

Cheryl and I had a blast, but one thing that we got to experience that we have never really done on this scale together was a full two-day coaching seminar. This was the start of our trip, where we ended up at Dan Miller’s place for the Coaching with Excellence workshop.Not only do I love being around the Miller family and the kind of company they attract, but I thoroughly enjoy that workshop and I always gain so much value from it. But what made it even more exciting was that my wife was with me!

What more could I want? Being around people that talk about the work I love doing and being around the love of my life all in the same room!

Yes, it was great, but don’t think this was just about me. This was an attempt to getting each other a little more involved in the things we do. It’s about including her into my life and not keeping her separate.

We have two completely different personalities, with different things we like to do, but we also have a vision together and the more we seek to understand each other and grow together, the more effective we are in every other area we live out.

She’s not a coach like me, but she’s my coach; as I always tell her and now she has a little bit more of a deeper understanding in the business side of what I’m doing as well the people that I normally commune with.

It makes life much more pleasant for both us when she and I can commune with others together. After-all, its all about relationships is it not?

Well, she is a high I on the DISC personality and she would not let me go over my awesome notes with her after the workshop… so uh yeah… We partied hard in Nashville…


Thanks for reading as always so be on the lookout for more posts this week, including those where I’m answering specific questions related to common career struggles and issues.

Some topics to look out for this week and my responses are:

  1.  You Might Be On Television!
  2. Check Your Calendar for Proof
  3. I Can’t Be Happy Unless…
  4. The Stop Doing Challenge

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with this question to challenge and motivate your thinking to another level this week:

Whether you’re married or not, how does your vision involve other people you care about most? They don’t have to understand everything you do, but does your overall vision include or exclude them?



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Comment by Robert Clinton on October 3, 2012 at 11:59am

Thanks Peter. And you're right! Everything else is bonus :)

Don, thanks so much. It's crucial that we are on the same page with our visions!

Comment by Don Roulo on September 25, 2012 at 4:08pm


How cool to spend time with Cheryl like you did.  We have always tried to integrate whatever work we have done with each other.  As you said, its not so the other person will do the same things, but at least get a sense of what you deal with and go through...both the good and not so good.

For the most part, Peg and I like to work together.  Under stress I can sometimes go to a high "D" with her...but I am working on it...LOL.  This is even though I am a high "I".

It really is crucial to be "on the same page" with each other.  I really encourage everyone to go to conferences or events together.  Peg and I do marriage workshops as well and one of the things we talk about is the marriage/business mix.  We believe if you can't make it work at home - it won't work in business.

Thanks for a fantastic post Rob!!

Comment by Peter A Ferguson on September 25, 2012 at 7:13am

Being around the kind of company the Millers attract is worth the full price of admission. Everything else is a bonus. Glad you had a great time off and Happy Anniversary!

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