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This question kind of came out of a simple statement I made to another fellow in line at our work café waiting for breakfast.  He mentioned, “The system was working slow today”.  I said; “It is Monday.”  After a moment, I started laughing to myself a bit, a Dreaded Monday perhaps.  We can change this version of Mondays.  Just follow me on this.

Let’s have some fun!  There are going to be lots of questions and you are welcome to write them back on our post.  We are going to take a look ahead on what you and I consider a dream lifestyle.  I will bring that old statement back, “If money were no object and you could do anything, what would that be?”  Hmm, this actually might take some time if you have not thought about this for some time, if ever.  (Get it, some time?  From an earlier post, sorry, ADD coming through.)  These are some questions that might help you discover your passion or what direction you want to take to get to this strange land of where you want to be.

In what location would you like to live?  Is it more of a Latitude, continent, hemisphere, near water; fresh or salt, lake or mountains?  What about snow or cold?  How would you like to spend your day?  Would you really be playing golf all day, seriously?  Fishing all day?  Really?  Would you consider mingling golf and fishing with giving back to humanity or your local community?  How about teaching something to people about golfing or fishing?  What about passing on your years of expertise at something you enjoyed, perhaps it is your passion, business or hobby?  Was that part of what you considered to be retired and just you and your buddies or maybe something in the back of your mind?  Now, lets get back to the dreams…

How would you like to dress?  Does the old Armani suit come to mind?  Maybe a good, worn-out and soft pair of jeans or more of board shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops?  I admit that is more my style than a suit with a noose around the neck (aka a tie).  Have you given up getting a haircut or do you make sure you visit the barber or beautician once a week?  Throw the razor away or keep shaving daily?  Since you don’t have to worry about anything in particular do you still wear a watch?  If so, what kind?  Is it a times, what about a Seiko diving watch or is it a Cartier with encrusted diamonds?  Have you watched enough of the new James Bond movies to decide an Omega watch is what you “need”?

Ah, speaking of Mr. Bond, what kind of car would you see yourself in most days.  Of course at this level of life, money no object, you could drive anything.  Aston Martin DB9Ferrari 458Bentley GT or are we going to live a more casual life and drive something like a Range RoverJeep or an old truck like Mr. Sam Walton’s?  I am going to interject here a little bit.  I have seen some famously, beautiful super cars on the road but I think overall, I would still prefer an old, American made muscle car or hot rod.  These are far and few between, even more so than the Lamborghini or Bugatti.  I have found there is a special respect from the real car folks out there for these classic automobiles.

Moving along (another “get it?” moment), what kind of house would you truly desire?  Do you want to go pull out the DuPont Registry now?  There are some amazing and inspirational homes in that magazine.  Some are just obnoxiously huge, like more than 10,000 square feet, millions of dollars, on the water or overlooking some mountains.  Perhaps they have a garage in the basement, multiple pools, basketball court, a mountain climbing wall, 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms and of course more.  Is that what you would like and the biggest question is why?  Would you prefer something more manageable or smaller?  Does that matter?  I am for whatever you wish for, I have no problem with that.  I personally would love to have a huge garage and workshop to play in.  Would you have more than one home?  If so, in what places and why?

Where would you travel, what experiences have you dreamed of for yourself and your family?  Whitewater rafting, SCUBA diving at the Great Barrier Reef, climbing mountains, seeing Europe through the river cruises or maybe driving a new car from the manufacturer throughout a guided tour of Europe?  Would you find yourself a motor home of some kind, not necessarily a Prevost, but something that can pull a four-door Jeep along with a couple of kayaks strapped to the roof so you can show the kids the places their Social Studies teacher talked about.  Just take off during the summer and stay gone until it is time to go back to school.

Yes, I did add some hyperlinks in this post and no they are not affiliate links (that might be nice though), but just things to look at to wet your appetite a bit, to get you dreaming big.  I for one think some of these items are amazing, but I think for myself, I would rather just keep things simple and enjoy the life intended to me by God and myself.  We all have dreams and passions, sometimes buried underneath life events, but they can come up to breathe again with enough gumption and desire for change.

My goal here has been to get you dreaming and thinking of what success might mean to some folks and what you might define success as.  Money to buy these things is not evil, remember that.  Money is a tool, like a hammer and saw to build a house.  The “love” of money is what can be evil.  Keep in mind a favorite saying of Zig Ziglar, greatest speaker of all time as far as I am concerned, stated, “If you help enough people get what they want, you can get what you want”.  It is through a love of helping other people get what they have wanted by working towards their goals with a heart of a teacher.  You will achieve your goals, see your passion come to life and leave a legacy for others to open their minds to the possibilities this life has to offer.  So, what’s your dream lifestyle?

God bless.

By the way, if you would like to comment on the "real" web site posting, here it is: 




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