What is your Definition of Success?

What is your life about? What is your definition of success? When you aren’t with us anymore, how will people remember you? In your last few moments, what regrets will fly from you along with your soul?

Remember the last time you reflected on your life? It may have been while you were on walk, in a shower, even when you spaced out while talking with people. Everything else fades away for a few moments while your mind mulls over how happy you are with things.

Did you walk away confident things are going as they should? Did you decide set-backs are troubling you, but you’ll persist and overcome? Perhaps, you just said, “It is hopeless” and went for a beer or some other means of self-pity that helped you trudge on to the next time.

If you usually walk away “hopeless”, you are probably only missing one thing (a clear and focused definition of success). Yes, it could be that simple. …or medication may be needed. See a doctor for the latter. Otherwise, read the steps below and let me know if they help. They will help you find your own definition of success.

Find Peace with your Conscience.

  • I’m sure you’ve that heard, money can’t buy happiness. It is pretty helpful in funding our fun and the passing of time. However, it doesn’t provide the type of peace we consider lasting happiness to be. That inner peace only comes when our decisions are copacetic with our values.
  • Take 20 min to write out what you value. Then prioritize those values. This alone will help. If you go one step further and write out 5 to 7 principles that will lead to a life that complies with your values, you'll almost completely eliminate the potential for regrets.

Define Success in Specific Terms.

Define what you consider to be worthwhile. Do this in specific terms. Explain in detail what you want to do in each area of your life.

  1. Family and Friends – What do you want them to remember you for?
  2. Physical Environment – What would you enjoy having around you?
  3. Relationships & Romance – What do you need to give and get to be happy in this area?
  4. Fun & Recreation – List the things you enjoy every day and want to do in the future.
  5. Personal Growth – Make growth investments in areas that will help other areas expand.
  6. Career/Business – Connect your passions with something people need.
  7. Money/Finance – Determine the cost of your 10 year vision & make the budget needed.
  8. Health – How will you improve or maintain the heath you desire? Make a health plan.

Measure your Progress.

  • Establish measures of success for each of the eight areas above. Be specific here too. Instead of, “A Good Job” go with something more like “A job that drives me to improve my presentation skills, gives 100% tuition for areas of professional growth, introduces me to people I want to network with in the ____ industry, and brings me home charged with energy”.

Be Realistic.

  • Not a single person has or will ever be a perfect success. Everyone (including the most successful among us) recognizes a certain level of failure as they write the story of their success. The smartest among us know when they have made enough progress and persisted through enough failures to move on to a new focus area. This point is different for each of us (depending on our goals and priorities). The trick for you is to set goals and priorities.

These are just a few highlights that will help you determine what the best path to success is for you. Check out the following blog categories if you're ready for more: Productivity, Coaching, Inspiration, & Leadership.

If you liked this post or enjoy my website, tell a friend. Better yet, tell a few friends. Be sure to leave a comment too. They can benefit from your thoughts as much as the rest of us.


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Comment by Ann Musico on September 25, 2012 at 8:46am

Really well written and the steps are clear, practical and realistic.  I like how you have broken each down and your examples.  Once read, if the steps are actually put into practice, there is no excuse for regrets!

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