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When someone discovers what they can offer to this world, one of the most common circumstances is that a given purpose may be presented with many different applications that can fulfill that purpose.

It’s incredible; and to me it’s one of those “good problems”.

You can picture a kid in a candy store and mommy says he or she can only go home with one piece of candy today, so that kid wants to make sure he or she chooses right.

Think about that; to a kid, walking into a candy store with a variety of options is a good problem but at the same time mind boggling, because you feel like you’re leaving all those other candies out.

I like to prep my clients before we get to this stage, just to give them the heads up that we’re about to walk into a variety of applications. I do this, to ease the ‘overwhelmingness’ of all the candy and prepare their mind for decision and strategic thinking.

The thing to understand here is that everything can be narrowed down to a fine point. You can take something as complex as a space shuttle and break it down to where a child would be able to handle the first simple step.

This is called Objective Thinking.

By understanding from top to bottom, who you are, what you value, what your gifts are and the visions and dreams that you have you can get pretty close to some solid applications that make sense for your journey right now.

At this point, you can probably eliminate the concern of choosing the wrong career because everything is a fit. So now there’s strategic ‘decision-making’ that needs to happen.

So what if you get through all of that and you still boil down to three good applications you can do?

My response to that is, “who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?”

4 Possible solutions here:

  1. You can pick one from a pros and cons decision and forget about the others.
  2. You can get creative and look for a way to blend these applications, so you get to do all of them.
  3. You can create a life timeline, with 3 major cornerstones, and you begin by implementing the most important or the one where you can gain the fastest success.
  4. Or you can do both. You can create a timeline of 3 major cornerstones, with the intentions of eventually having all of the options work in harmony together.

Just remember, we always have options, we can always break down those options, there’s always a way to simplify and there’s always a way to get creative.

Whenever you have options that’s a good thing; no, that’s a Great thing! It gives you something to work with; it gives you something to break down and the opportunity to plan and make your next move.



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Comment by Robert Clinton on August 14, 2012 at 1:27pm

Pete, right on! Saying it like that really brings it to light. Don't forget about options C through ZZZZZZ; that's awesome! And I can relate to your story as well... When I was in a rut, options seemed very minimal... It's going to take stories like ours to help bring hope to those who are currently there.

Comment by Peter A Ferguson on August 14, 2012 at 7:30am

"just remember you always have options ..." 

I'm amazed as I look back to my own life and as I talk with others what a stumbling block this is. We somehow get tricked into thinking that there is only option A - keep doing what I'm doing, or option B - give up, become homeless, and die of starvation.

I laugh as I type that, but it was very real to me at one time, and is extremely real to family members today. One of the most precious gifts I've received in my life is through Dan and understanding that options C-ZZZZZ are available and just take a little more effort but can be infinitely more rewarding.

Thanks for the post! Pete

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