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Thank you to all that have gone to my website http://www.icandosolar.com. It is easy to see what I am passionate about, solar energy, but with a slight twist. Most of the products I offer are DIY (do-it-yourself), products that a person can easily install without the need for an electrician. Shortly I will be adding passive solar products, products that do not have photovoltaic,again DIY products that will help you save money.

Based on my research solar energy, whether active or passive, seems to be steeped in confusion, difficult technical terms and high cost.

This all leads to the question : What do you think of solar energy? Any and all comments are welcome!

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Comment by Paul Giganti on February 15, 2009 at 6:13pm

My apologies on the lateness of my response. While full solar systems are not my current niche, i think i can answer your question based on my own experience. I researched installing a complete solar system in my own home, that is what got me started in DIY solar. I own a 2 story colonial, about 1900 sq ft that gets "good sun". The cost for a grid tied system, before rebates (has to be grid tied to get the rebates), was estimated at $45,000 with an estimated pay back of 12-16 years. While 45K is a hefty price I seriously considered the investment as (1) solar increases the value of the home as it is more energy efficient, as a recent ICF Consulting study showed (for every $1 saved on energy costs added $20 to the home value), (2) energy costs in my area (metropolitan Washington DC) have increased and (3) I personal like the idea of personal energy independence. Why didn't I make the investment? Personal financial reasons, but I do see me making the investment within the next 5 years.
Comment by Paul Giganti on January 19, 2009 at 6:49pm

While you are correct that we live in a closed system called the solar system, and the rays of the sun do "lose" usefulness of work as they pass through the atmosphere Solar still provides clean, environmentally friendly power or hot water for your home. All power generation fall prey to the second law of thermodynamics, whether through the actual generation of the power or the transmission of the power. Solar is "local" to the place where it is being used and excess power can be stored in batteries or sold to the grid.

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