Trova, e godono, di grande scopo della tua vita!

Find, and enjoy, great purpose in your life! That's the title for this entry. Finding your purpose is as simple as taking the gifts/talents you've been given and overlaying them onto your life's experiences and/or life's passions.

What are your gifts/talents? Generally, you'll find those to be the things you do the best with the least amount of effort. What are you passions? To what things in life are you driven, from the deepest part of your being to bring change or make better?

William Wilberforce is an excellent example of someone who walked in great purpose. He used his affluence, his aptitude for persuasiveness, and his compassion for the helpless to, among other things, bring total abolishment to the slave trade in Great Britain. It was an issue, of which, he could not let go until it was finished in 1833. Your purpose may not be quite as big as his, but it's every bit as important because it is what you were sent here to do.

As for myself... I had a bit of a tough time as a kid.  As a result, I have a passion to "be there" for other kids who struggle as I did.  I have to do this. When I'm not operating in this passion somewhere in my life, it creates an emotional and spiritual void for me. It actually hurts. I overlay this on my natural tendency to teach/counsel, my enjoyment of writing and kids stuff in general... this is how operate in (and enjoy) great purpose in my life (though it has all been done informally so far). 

Finding, and enjoying, great purpose for your life will provide you wings on which to fly higher than you ever dreamed possible! 

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