My employer is making me an offer to move from part-time to full-time, and increase my salary base by $2000 a year.  However-- the folks currently doing the stuff I'm to move into are paid an extra $4000 for that task. In fact, I used to receive that stipend for the extra duty when I was hourly, but lost it when I went salary last year.  The "new offer" also requires going back to 12+  hour shifts, rotating through night shifts, working weekends and holidays (none of which I currently do).  It's all a package-- I can't avoid the long shifts, nights, weekends, and holidays if I stay with this employer, and being salaried yields absolutely no extra remuneration for these odd shifts.  Working nights historically has had very negative effects on my health and sanity.  There is no other employer to go to unless I leave the area, and I'm not sure I want to disrupt the kids' school and community lives right now.  The  question is whether to take the money for a while, and pursue other dreams later from a better financial position, or stay part-time at my current income level (barely enough) and leave time free for projects that I often don't have the cash to do.   I'm open to comments and advice!  I must give an answer in 4 days.

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Comment by Tamara L. Barney on October 28, 2011 at 7:18pm
I can only give you my opinion from my own experiences and beliefs.  I do not believe that money would be worth it. Just from the tone of your question it sounds as if all the extras of full time would put alot more stress on your family. I say this from living at a "defintely not covering the bills put your trust in GOD" income level after coming from a "covering the bills and then some" income level. For me it became a choice between money and my family. Because family is one of my core values I chose not to work full time. It is not easy, but you know this already with a "barely enough" budget. There are other options to making extra money without the horrible hours.

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