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     Summer in these North Woods is so amazingly sweet-- perfect temperatures, clear waters, blue skies, everything green, and the warm peat-moss-brown waters at Big Falls are the toppings to the sundae.  But we who live here will admit to you now (though we may deny it in August when Summer stands in her own right) that the intensity of the sweet Summer is only because of the length and intensity of the Winter.

     The days are warming now-- up in the 50's and 60's by mid-afternoon some days, but the Lake is still covered in ice.  For those of you who have seen your daffodils come & go, the Redbuds in bloom and now in leaf, that probably sounds very foreign, but it is simply the reality of living in the regions that seed catalogs designate as "climate zone 3". 

     Each year as I think of Spring, there usually comes an email reminding me of the American Boychoir Annual Alumni Concert, and each year it is so far away... geographically anyway.  But in my heart it is still near as I remember that long-ago warm summer day when we walked on the paths at Albemarle, listening to our son's voice coming from the window above where he auditioned with Dr. Litton.   This year will be different thanks to the Internet and the wonders of computers.  The concert was recorded and is scheduled to play on WWFM out of Trenton/Princeton, and will stream on their website!  It has been a very long time since I listened to one of their concerts...  that wonder-filled day of summer when he passed the audition was followed by much adventure and also much pain to the core of our souls.  But even yet, music is sweet in contrast to the bitter pain it carved in our hearts.

     Join me if you will, for an hour of quality music, on Monday, May 2, 2011, 8-9 PM Easten Time, at this link:




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