I have received a lot of great suggestions such as seeking the help of an Attorney or the VA Office but, I can assure you that all of my options have been exhausted and that is why I now seek the support of the people who care about and love the men and women who serve this great Country the most and that is the Citizens.

MYTH: The Government wouldn't wrong a Military Veteran?

TRUTH: The Government has wronged Military Veteran's and my story is just one story.Their are so many men and women who have been wronged but, many of them simply do not go public. It's hard to go public when there are some in our society today who feel as though our Government could do no wrong and that a Soldier could never be mistreated but I can assure them that this is not the case.

I have contacted everyone from United States Senators, to State Senators, Attorney General's and even my State Governor. They all jumped to my defense in very strong ways for example, my Governor lowered the amount the Military was trying to get from $8,000 to $2,330. However the place it was sent too for Collecting tacked on an additional $699.00.

If a Soldier was being mistreated in today's society it would not be tolerated?

You are right in today's society a veteran being treated badly should not be tolerated but, presently it is. And it does not stop with me...the citizens of America need to know that there are Veterans being mistreated everyday. Just take a walk on the streets...a large percentage of those found there are Homeless Veterans. How does someone who protects our daily way of life end up on the street? Many would say it is there own fault but, I can assure you that many are their because they are still waiting for a benefit payment to be paid that they rightfully earned.

I have gone to the highest of high in our Government even writing the President of the United States of America but, this has not been enough so today I turn to the Citizens of America to show the same great support they gave me while I was serving this great Country.

I have prayed and will continue to pray that this March for Justice will be successful but, I need your help and I need the other citizens of this great Country's help.

Would you be willing to contribute today? Just One or Five Dollar's could make the difference. http://www.gofundme.com/Military-Expense   So far the Fund Total is at $20.00. I have sold an additional $135 worth of my own personal belongings on EBAY that will be added to the Fund as well.

Would you be willing to share my link with others who would support a Veteran?

Thank You and God Bless!!!

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