August Sky by Pat Dalton

by Pete Ferguson

At first I thought I was being a bit of a smart alec with the title of today's blog. But it turns out smokers do have fewer knee injuries, reduced breast and some types of skin cancer, as well as quicker recovery from heart attacks according to medical research.

But I'm not a smoker. Never have been. Tried it once as a kid and decided if I wanted to burn my throat and lungs, I could just breath fire.

But I've worked with several smokers and would often go outside on smoke breaks to keep them company.

The fresh air (I learned very quickly to have them sit down wind) and break from staring at my computer was relaxing.

So this week I started taking smoke breaks. Without the smoking.

Just 10-15 minutes outside enjoying the cooling summer weather, smelling a slight hint of Autumn coming from the nearby canyons. Staring up at the perfectly blue sky and allowing my mind to clear.

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Comment by Mark J Cundiff on August 5, 2012 at 5:26pm


Great post! Love how you took the positive aspects out of something that on the surface seems to be 100% negative. I totally with the positive aspects you have mentioned. I too have traveled out with smoking friends to enjoy the fresh air. Good practice to do this as a matter of intentional relaxation during the course of a work day. I will have to put that into practice immediately. 




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