I have the wonderful pleasure of building choirs in senior centers, adult day cares, group homes, or anywhere there are people who want to sing.  One of my clients is an adult day care.  I will admit, these people make me smile each and every time we are together.


I would like to tell you about one man in particular.  This young man is in his 30’s, I would guess, and he has touched my life in a way that I doubt I will soon forget.  When we first arrived at his adult day care facility, he remained in the back of the room in his wheelchair.  I did notice, however, he would sing along on certain songs.

Upon our next visit, this young man moved a little closer to the choir, and he sang a little more often.  Last week he amazed me by having himself positioned directly to my right.  That was when I learned he has an amazing voice.  Since we are working on a Thanksgiving performance, I asked if he knew the song “Thank You Lord.”  I was pleased to learn he did, and he was willing to sing it as a solo.


Upon my direction, he belted out the words.  It was the most amazing performance, but what stuck in my heart and mind was the line that says, “Thank you Lord, for making me whole.”  He sang it with such vigor and enthusiasm from a body that is broken in so many ways.  This did not stop him one bit.


All of this made me stop and think how blessed I am and how little I recognize and appreciate my blessings.  I am honored to be a part of lives that long to be touched with music.  I am touched beyond belief, and this is just one of the many examples of how God works to keep me grounded and aware of my blessings.  

Come back next week and Listen To My Brain Rattle.

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Comment by Ann Musico on October 4, 2012 at 6:45am

That story really touched my heart, Carol.  We do tend to take all our blessings for granted at times and people like this young man pull us back.  When my grandmother was in a nursing home I used to visit her several times a week.  I always spent time with the many people positioned at the front door who didn't have regular family visiting and were so hungry for attention.  One in particular touched me - she was only in her 60's - a little older than I am now - and obviously had had a serious stroke and was confined to a wheelchair and had some problems talking and using one side of her body.  That did not stop Essie!  She was like a sparkling jewel - always smiling, laughing and shining with the love of the Lord!  I loved her!  In fact, after my grandmother passed away and I was living out of state I used to write to her every week until she, too passed.  People like that are amazing to me.

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