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Have you ever noticed a disclaimer (in microscopic print) typically found at the bottom of a printed circular or a perhaps a statement in your local TV listings used as a Plan B opt out to the stated programming schedule?  You know the ones – “prices shown are SUBJECT TO CHANGE” or “the stated programming schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE” perhaps due to local blackout rules or a crisis oriented news story. I love it when my favorite team might be playing and then all of a sudden on the channel that I want to watch the game, they are not!

Human nature likes to bank on the assumed, i.e., what is advertised. However, the chance does exist that what is assumed may not actually occur for reasons unbeknownst or out of control to us common folk.  Typically, the reality of SUBJECT TO CHANGE coming to fruition brings with it a negative impulse such as a punch to the gut.   What we counted on may not be what really occurs. Sort of like paying for purchases with a credit card with the intent to pay it off and subsequently not having the money to pay the bill when it arrives.  It sucks and it can get you into trouble!

Perhaps you have taken the same route to work for the last gazillion years, then all of sudden a “DETOUR” sign shows up and you have to take a different route – good God, talk about a panic!   Or maybe you have ingrained in you a certain way of doing things, like loading the dishwasher.  Plates go here.  Glasses go there.   Fork, spoons, and knives are to be stored neatly in their special dividers.  “After all, that’s what those compartments are for”, you think.  How in the world can you conceive of not having everything in its place? It’s almost a reason to down some Rolaids™. Really, who would want to color outside of those lines? 

I like things that are predictable, in their place, and organized. I love my “systems”!  Mix in a little deviation to the norm and disparate personalities (especially at home!) and watch what occurs.  Perhaps it might be some given and take, a minor squabble, or the domestic version of WW3 – the choice is yours!

Have you ever entertained the thought that the appearance of a SUBJECT TO CHANGE in your life was meant for your good instead of the opposite?  That perhaps a lesson could be learned, a new way of doing things acquired, or a different perspective obtained?  How many times has the impact of SUBJECT TO CHANGE been a blessing rather than a curse?  A detour in your travels that kept you from an accident? Bigger yet, have you ever considered an interpersonal interaction that could be fostered rather than alienated by considering another’s point of view? 

Trust me; these drums are beating in my head today!  How about you – are you hearing the same beat?




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Comment by Ann Musico on February 28, 2012 at 6:07am

Awesome!  Sometimes that "subject to change" or detour is the only reason I take that step and make a change!  I admit I truly am a creature of habit - I like routine and systems and things to run smoothly - but those times when I have run into a detour have almost always ended up being blessings.

Group Leader
Comment by Dan Miller on February 27, 2012 at 7:45pm

Joanne and I joke about the many times in our lives where "Plan B" turned out to be better than "Plan A."  We expect the changes and detours to open us up to things we would not have experienced otherwise.

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