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This is one that is hard for me and maybe even for you.  I had loads of patience when I was younger, in high school and just a few years after that.  It seems like it has just seeped away from me over the years.  Not sure if it is age, maturity (or lack thereof) or what.  Currently, I feel like I should be able to do things NOW and not have to wait for whatever reason there might be out there for something to be done or happen. 

Is it because I am older?  I don’t think so.  I don’t believe I have come into the whole mid-life crisis yet.  I have always wanted those kinds of cars, so that is not a new concept.  I have a very young mind typically or at least I think so.  Perhaps I am naïve about things, which I suppose should not surprise me.  Is there a connection between being naïve and patience?  No, I don’t think it is something like naiveté.  I think it is just a lack of patience overall, but then again; I have some ideas on that…

For a quick example, I was told I would be at 100 percent within a year of my stroke, which was back in February for anyone new who may be reading.  I have no real complaints, but when I went out for a walk today, I stumbled over some boulders, which were not part of the normal walking path.  These were good-sized boulders between the walking path and the edge of the water.  Not sure I would call it a beach, but there was sand.  I got over halfway there to the edge and sand, but could not quite hold my balance I expected.  It was a bit awkward and had to catch myself slowly, but it also showed me that I had more to work on, not necessarily a negative.  Looking at myself, I think I am probably at about 90 percent or so overall in my recovery, it’s just that last 10 percent that is hard.  Kind of like losing that last 10 pounds after a diet or long time of working out.

We as a people, which could be friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and even strangers, seem to be on track to want things NOW.  I want the biggest TV, truck or fastest car NOW.  Kids come out of college expecting $70,000 per year salary without experience or real knowledge.  A person may be looking for that perfect spouse.  That may take a while, depending on what your criteria is or maybe even what theirs might be.  Do you have a checklist for that??  Hmm, “next time I will have a list,” I tell my wife.  She just rolls her eyes.

Maybe we need to take a step back, not just physically, but back to our grandparents’ time or earlier than that.  Back to a time when there was no TV or just two channels and you had to actually get up to change the station (or have the kids do it).  What about hearing about news events?  They came later to us through a newspaper or the local barber’s rumor mill.  I know this sounds like heresy, but what about before computers, email, Twitter and Facebook.  The mail used to take about a week depending on how far it had to travel, you actually read it and then you replied knowing it would take the same amount of time to get back to the writer.  Life seemed so simple.  You would save up the money before ever considering going into debt.  What a concept.

I think taking some time out might be the best thing.  Kind of like making a large purchase, some folks would sleep on it or consult friends and family for some input.  The “sleep” test could be used for things, which might turn out to be a few nights before finalizing a decision on that purchase.  Not like checking some web site for “reviews” or stars.  Who knows where they really came from?  Doing some real research, instead of Googling everything (gasp!). 

Yes, sometimes it does take some time.  There is a reason for that most times.  The way I look at it is if it was meant to be, it should work out at the right time.  You know I have another example, a car story of course.  Yes, it is even a GTO story.  There was a 1965 Pontiac GTO that was sitting in a parking lot.  I allowed myself three days before it became mine.  It was a three-day weekend and my friends and I went to southern California for some party time (I was much younger) and on the way back that GTO was still sitting there waiting for me like a long-lost friend.  I put it through prayer and some time to find that it was the purchase I was ready and willing to make.

We can take this to various ideals and dreams.  There is always the possibility of using this philosophy for finding or getting rid of a house, car, job, business, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, a travel opportunity or anything else.  It sometimes seems like it is out of our control.  It just might be.  Put it in God’s hands and pray about it.  It is usually within His timeframe that He puts on it, and as a reminder, I truly believe with all of my heart and soul that He will give you the best there is for that time.  It may change over time, but allow that decision time for Him.  If your decision is in your timeframe, it may not be the best that it could be for you at that time.  I know, I got a bit religious or spiritual on this one, but can’t help it.  It’s my blog anyhow.  

Take some time and take a deep breath, sleep on ideas and thoughts you may have over a course of time about a major change in life or a significant purchase.  I am not recommending years of course, just want to mention that also.  Just a due amount of time and remember to listen and be open to the answer.  There will be a profound answer which might be yes, might be no or the biggest one is, “Sometimes, it just takes some time”. 

            God bless.

            Darren Rayborn           



            This post is at: http://www.lifeandlatitudes.com/sometimes-it-just-takes-some-time

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