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Most of us are familiar with the concept of having a vision. We understand how important it can be for creating a plan and a path to follow.

Here’s why it can be intimidating: Some times, people trick themselves into believing that having a vision is the equivalent to having a three-dimensional, Avatar-like feature presentation playing continuously across the canvas of their mind. And, with that unrealistic expectation, it’s no surprise that most decide to quit before they’ve even started.

Frankly, I don’t know if God reveals things to people in that way, but if He does, I haven’t yet worked with that person.

However, what I do know is that God often allows us glimpses and highlights of a possible future, leaving it to us to do the fill-in-the-blank and detail work.

Reflection: While there may be many things you don’t see, as it pertains to the life you want to create, what do you see? (ex. type of home, geographic location, occupation, lifestyle, individual and family activities)

Activity: Begin today, to put together your family vision board. Use a poster board, box top, construction paper, wall in your home; whatever will get you started. Use words, phrases, pictures, drawings, anything that symbolizes what’s most important and represents the life you want. (Even if you have to do this by yourself at first, give yourself the gift of conviction. Be that person.)

Don’t keep your work a secret. We are all in this together.

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While there is no shortage of people with an opinion about what you should want for your life, their advice, as well-intentioned as it probably is, if not aligned with what you really want, simply won’t motivate you.

And, while most of us are familiar with the concept of vision and understand that it’s an important thing to have, not many of us have one that moves us, and the primary reason for that, I believe, is because, we’ve faked ourselves into believing that creating a vision is hard and painful.

One of the exercises I take people through that helps them to develop clarity on their life’s vision is to create a vision board – a safe place where they can bring together pictures, words, and phrases that symbolize what’s most important and represents some aspect of what they want their future to look like.

Here’s what a lady in Arizona did to make the vision board process come alive for her. She took the suggestion of creating a vision board and involved her family.

And as soon as she was able to help them understand that this was their opportunity to dream and to fantasize about their life and their future possibilities, Diane, a single mom, was able to engage the imaginations and creativity of her two teenage sons. That. for her, was priceless.

Ready to start a fun family project, start putting together the pieces of a family vision board today.  Suspend the rules and just have fun with it.

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Comment by Randell Mark Olson on August 28, 2012 at 6:51am


The Vision Board idea is fantastic. My wife and I recently began a similar exercise, and it's amazing how the clarity of knowing how, and where you want to live has compelled us to be so much more intentional about our actions everyday...beyond that, it is just much more exciting waking up everyday when you know you'll be making progress towards living  the life God intended for you to live.

Thanks for igniting that spark in me again to continue clarifying my life's vision.

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