In order to help your business grow a little bit, this pneumonic device came to mind.

In EMT class (emergency medical technician), the EMT's must process these steps in order.

Scene size up- upon arrival or new job, church, marketing campaign...one looks the scene over carefully and notes potential hazzards or positives.

Initial Assessment- to look over the patient or situation and figure out what happened. There may be a man who looks like hes fallen off of it, or a bad stack of numbers in a new business... maybe even a great looking well behaved couple showing up at church

Focused history- history word here is almost misleading, but means to find out why the person is laying near a tipped ladder. But wait, theres a bottle of vicodin next to him empty, a gallon of whiskey empty near him and a pool of thecrimson next to his wrist. In your business this looks likethat bunch of numbers that arent accurate reporting and ten years old. The cute well behaved couple at congregation you recently became pastor of who like to display affection, every chance they get...

Interventions and transport- time to strap this thing to a gurney and get them outta the way. Oh wait,now is also the time thata person notices that on floor thirty two the elevator is broken. Patch up, strap down and move the patient, business or congregation or tribe.

Detailed history. This time you notice that the patient is bleeding from a tiny puncture on his forearm, the whiskey smell isnt on him and the pills were expired years ago. Sometimes close inspection reveals that it isnt as bad for your situation as previously thought.

Ongoing assessment- to read the reports, focus on the facts and learn the success that the scene presented to you.

Thanks for reading. Does this give you ideas for your business, idea or brand? Let me know and comment back.

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Comment by Nate Schubick on November 2, 2012 at 7:23pm

Thanks Ann! Glad it could help!

Comment by Ann Musico on October 31, 2012 at 11:28am

Interesting acronym and the bottom line is very appropriate to pretty much any situation.  And remembering that once we look a little more closely at things, they may not be quite as bad as we first thought.  I'd say very valuable suggestion.

Check it out!

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