These days, everyone is concerned with all of the wrong things it seems like.  In fact, the facts are that most are concerned with trivial things like which soda to drink. 


Lately though our life here in the middle of Iowa has been anything other than trivial.  We have had more craziness then desired and definitely more hamsters in the wheel than we could feed, so to speak. 


My sister, her husband and five children stayed with us due to being homeless for the latter part of June and the early portion of July.  My wife, children and I adapted to a greater good and filled the need expediently.   Trouble is we didn't accomplish the goal that we set out for.  Our goal being that we would help them by letting them live with us for awhile.  We were under some false impressions there and several other factors led to a very inhospitable living situation.  Long story short, we were forced to tell them to sleep in their vehicle.  So it really got us thinking about how sometimes helping is not helping and so forth. 


We have come up with a few restrictions for the next time, they wind up in a bad spot. 


1.  We will not open our doors or our wallets up if it will harm us more than help them. 

2.  We will not encourage people to live with us but to seek their church or other organizations out for help. 

3.  We will not offer anything based on assumptions.


Living homeless is how she chooses to arrange her life.  I love them wholeheartedly but I cannot lose everything I have to someone being a poor steward of what God has entrusted to them.   I would like to eventually see them living stable but until then I pray. 


Sometimes, we get caught up in life just trying to get caught up that we fail to see the great things going on around us.  We fail to recognize opportunities glaring their bulgy, beady eyes at us and dull our knives contending with the bone instead of maintaining their edge and avoiding the bone. 


When a person butchers, they meet with unexpected events and weird, awkward circumstances.  There really is no way to prepare for all of it.  Those who sit on the sidelines and have never butchered have a hard time understanding how it's not about the knives at all.  In fact, It is more about the utensils holding the knives, the clothing while butchering, the building and appliances therein and many more things than about the knives. 


That is alot like this story.  Alot of people think this story is about the knives when in reality, it's about the persons wielding them.  We all are capable, we all are choosing our own future.  Let's not get caught up thinking only about our knives that we forget to place a higher importance on what sharpens them. 

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