I had an interesting conversation the other day with a good friend of mine. The question of how the realist is always questioning why and how the optimist is always questioning why not became our primary interest at that point. We were thinking about the mind of an optimist when thinking of the realist may usually tend to appear pessimistic at times, and how the realist will always tell the optimist to get their head out of the sand and quit dreaming, but the optimist will continue dreaming, with the hope and knowing that dreams manifest.

Why is that? It’s because naturally, the realist sees things for as they physically are, and to them that may appear to be the entire truth, and truth from that standpoint is always measured from a logical perspective and is quantifiable in terms of making sense to a known source that already makes sense. This is a good thing, and does its unique part in helping the world achieve objectives.

Now the optimist is the dreamer of course, and almost lives outside of the world as we see it. To a realist it may all appear as fantasy. The optimist is not what a realist would always consider to be a genuine thinker, because the thoughts of an optimist do not always have boundaries and therefore cannot be logically controlled or measured….. or can it?

Now you have to ask yourself, what is a genuine thinker? Is it someone who produces thoughts from an already known reality, or someone who produces thoughts from an unknown reality (whatever that may be), or someone who does not think from an array of dancing and clustered thoughts flickering by the thousands, but from a silent basis of non-thought? Could it be in this silence of non-thought where the births of genuine thoughts come into manifestation? Possibly. Or must your mind be full of realistic thoughts in order to achieve a genuine thought? Perhaps that too.

Could it be that there’s a balance between the optimist and a realist? Could a realist actually be the key and manifestation to a dream of another optimist? And could the optimist be the key to the mind’s elasticity of a thinking realist?

These are the questions we have to ask ourselves if we want to live in harmony with the world. We were all uniquely gifted in some way and were made to move this world in some way or another. It’s when we can escape the everyday conflict of our competing thoughts and learn how we can better benefit from each other, that all the pieces of God’s creation tends settle into their perfect little places.

The world may be gloom right now with all the chaos, but the least we can do in our little part of the world is stop dwelling on about what’s wrong with the world, and let’s start focusing on how we were all made for each other and make the world right.

Eternal blessings to you as always

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Comment by Kevin Miller - Free Agent on March 30, 2009 at 10:22am
Nice post Rob...I fully appreciate the balance of the two!

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