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Yep, you heard that right! We get so wrapped up in the résumé; how it looks, the political correctness of writing in 3rd person, the typos, the grammar, the font size, the positioning of the sections, and all that detail that goes into creating a very nice looking professional résumé.

Now, all of this is good, and I’m not trying to justify my own poor grammar skills and many typos that people like my mother-in-law (love you Nana!) tend to eat me alive for, but what I’m saying is that people tend to make résumés the main point of getting a job, or landing a position with a company.

I’ve seen and sat in many career classes and seminars where the subject was all about the résumé, and it appeared to be the primary concern without addressing the deeper issues of why the résumé won’t work.

It’s not the résumé, it’s you! It’s your understanding of what you know about yourself and how you are going about your job search.

The résumé is just a piece of paper, it can’t get you the job, it’s just something to affirm that they’re hungry to meet you in person because you’ve already established communication with them through other means.

Most people aren’t even going to give your résumé a 10 to 15 second glance anyway, so don’t you think whatever you have to say on paper that you’ve better make it quick, make it kind of loud, say just enough to make them hungry, and get to the point?

And check this out, if you did your marketing right, and you connected with the right people, built the right relationships, many times a résumé is not even required.

They just know you’re a fit because of the trust you’ve built with them, and what other people say about you as well. To them it doesn’t always matter what you’ve done. What matters, are the competencies you’ve gathered, and what they believe you can do for them going forward.

There are tools and forms that you can leverage to connect with someone and help them understand more things about you and the résumé is just one of them that you “can” use; not “have to”.

Here’s a wild hair advice for you. Forget about the résumé, and start seeking more non-conventional means for landing a job. Most people apply for jobs; most people apply for jobs online, and focus all of their efforts on the “wow” of their résumé.

They are missing the point.

The point is, someone out there is in the need and you have the stuff that can help them solve their issues. Now go to them, show them that you are genuinely interested in helping them succeed, build that trust and rapport, and then rock their world!



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Comment by Robert Clinton on August 9, 2012 at 10:49am

Peter, appreciate your comments! Yes, that "owes us" mentality seems to be a natural conditioning... You know I was thinking the expectation may also come from how big we make things out to be, and that we're not worthy enough to create our own positions; as though that sort of title belonged to someone else.  Hopefully those of us who finally realized that we are worthy of greatness will be able to spread this good news like wild fire!

Comment by Peter A Ferguson on August 8, 2012 at 9:32am

Great post Rob. It inspired my post today and is an ongoing issue with job hunters. There is a sense that the world "owes" us something and that we shouldn't have to work so hard to find a job we love - that was me two years ago and that was a very prevalent feeling when I held a workshop last week. 

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