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On July 5, 2012 shortly after 10:34 p.m., we were introduced to each other be it for a brief moment.  The brevity was understandable given the circumstances of a very long, but joyful day in the lineage of our Tribe.  The new Mom and Dad were more than worthy of “Best Supporting Actress and Actor” as Naomi Grace took center stage as the Leading Lady on this day, given she was the newly welcomed addition to their now threesome!

Gammy and Papa were overjoyed at the arrival of grandchild Number Two!  The next morning post-natal activities at the hospital were a blur for all, especially the new parents as the lack of sleep and the thoughts of “what do I do with her now?” perhaps swirling in their heads.  The revolving door of nurses and other technicians parading in and out of their room was in full swing all in an attempt to make sure the little bundle of joy and her Mama were doing OK.   I am sure that they wanted to ensure “health” in their “care”.  However, it has always been hard for me to figure out why a hospital, a place where you are supposed to rest, never quite measures up to its billing.  They might as well hang a neon sign above the door that says, “Disturb Me”!

By the time I made it to the room, after an hour and a half phone call detour related to my job, I got to hold Naomi for the first time but only for a few minutes.  She looked so tiny in my arms.  I was aching for more time to hold her, but her belly needed filled or her bottom needed cleaned and she was onto another bonding moment with her Mom and Dad.  It was soon time for us to go as they needed their rest and we needed to get home.

Today, ten days after her entrance onto the scene, was another story!  We finally had a proper introduction and the ache I had a few days ago subsided.  While the family ate dinner, Naomi and I hung out.   She was cradled in my arms and we swayed to the sound of forks and spoons hitting the plates while the family ate. 

Later, as she was exercising her vocal chords to the pitch which I am sure the neighbors could hear, I spoke to her and soothed her in moments.   Her Aunt, Mom, and Gammy were amazed at my calming presence (I know, it is getting deep!) It brought back sweet memories of when I did the same for her Mama, Bethany.  Burping her was the next order of business, which I accomplished with ease (get out the shovels!).  Finally, I lulled her to sleep with some songs from the Sound of Music (the only thing I could come up with on short notice!). 

A great day for this beaming Papa!  Whatever I perceived as a delay in getting some time with her was more than perfect in its timing.   I can’t wait until the next time we hang out.  Love you little gal! 

Maybe there is something you think is delayed.   Perhaps it is a promotion, the mending of a close relationship, an overdue “I love you” or a hug from your spouse, or the next chapter of your journey being birthed.  Delays have their way of making later moments just right - go with the flow!!! You won’t be disappointed. 


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Comment by Ann Musico on July 17, 2012 at 5:49am

She is GORGEOUS - but I know I don't have to tell you that!  You are absolutely right - God's timing is always best for reasons we can never seem to see at the time.  But they always are revealed.

Comment by Peter A Ferguson on July 16, 2012 at 9:52am

Congratulations. Nothing warms the heart more than a newborn packed in a blanket tight an resting on your chest.

It is hard to remember that the Climb is where we learn and grow. The Summit moments are very short compared to the work required to get there - and then get back down to start again. However, with children I've found there are many Summit moments along the way.

Best wishes to you and your family and I'm glad it all went safely.

Comment by Wendy Staas on July 15, 2012 at 6:46pm

Congratulations Bruce!!!

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