Our Journey Begins...We Need Your Help!

Hello 48Days.net community!  Today is an exciting day for my brother and me as we are literally starting our entrepreneurial journey in front of your eyes!  We have admired this group of talented dreamers and entrepreneurs from afar for over a year now but never had the guts to take action!  This all changed when I (Chris, the older brother) attended Innovate at the Sanctuary in April.  After going through the Innovate content I knew that it was time to ACT!
The first question you are all undoubtedly asking is, "who the heck are these guys!?"  The answer? We are two brothers from Winston-Salem, NC.  The oldest and one writing this post (Chris) is a classically trained salesman and project manager.  I have worked in the corporate world for over eight years yet have always had the goal of starting my own business.  I am happiest when I am outside surrounded by good people and great conversation!  The younger (Richard) is a talented video editor who is to be married in October and has struggled finding a traditional J.O.B. in his field that he is passionate about.  The combination of my yearning to become an entrepreneur, his technical film editing skills and our deep desire for each other to live out our dreams created a perfect solution...start a business together!
Your next question is most likely, "OK so I get that you are brothers, but why the heck are you posting on MY 48Days.net site!?"  Having the opportunity to attend Innovate was one of the most inspiring events of my life.  The people gathered there were some of the most talented, knowledgeable and encouraging individuals I had ever met.  I found myself lost in their stories and always walked away knowing more than when we started the conversation.  When Dan mentioned that there were more than 10,000 people on 48Days.net just like the 50 or so gathered at Innovate I knew when my brother and I came up with our idea we HAD to use this platform to bring it to life! 
Your final question for today is probably, "That's cool.  Now I understand, but what the heck is your idea!?"  Think of the last event you attended with a group (baptism, bachelor party, graduation, concert, marathon, etc.)  At that event, did anyone take pictures?  What about videos?  If they did what happened to those media files?  At best the raw file was posted to social media and at worst it was banished to a computer hard drive or iCloud account never to be enjoyed again.  Enter YourEventHighlight.com!  YourEventHighlight.com allows groups to formalize a picture and video capturing process so that these singular media pieces can be professionally edited into a sharable highlight/recap video of the event. 
Now the ask.  Knowing that everyone in this community has talents and experience that far surpass our own we want to know if you were in our shoes what action items would you accomplish in the next week?  What questions do you have for us about our idea and business? 
Our plan is to post one of these entries every Monday to do two things.  First, by making this public announcement, we will be holding ourselves accountable and recounting our successes and failures.  Second we want to lean on the gifts and experience each of you bring to the table to make our dream a reality.  We look forward to any advice you are willing to provide and are excited to share this journey with you! 
- Chris and Richard Dyer

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Group Leader
Comment by Terry Hadaway on July 18, 2016 at 7:12am

Chris and Richard,

I agree with the comments of the others. Their advice is right on target. As an elearning and educational guy, I am always looking for ways to create evergreen funnels. Having created workbooks and educational content for a lot of people, I discovered the limitations associated with trading time for dollars. The only way I could grow my business was through over-committing. That always had a negative effect on the quality of my work, so I was my worst enemy.

Now that I have some evergreen funnels in place, I can be more selective about any offers to trade time for money and I choose the ones that are aligned with my personal values and provide the greatest opportunity. I have the freedom to say no (and that's a great freedom for an entrepreneur).

Check out the groups Jen mentioned. I think you are headed in the right direction.

Terry Hadaway

Comment by Chet M. Skwarcan on July 16, 2016 at 5:55am

Chris -- wow, ok, trying to catch my breath...so are you excited or what??? 

First of all, I would second Kathy's advice/suggestions. I can't tell you how many amazing ideas I have had that turned into very expensive lessons...

Don't skimp on the up-front analysis and don't quit your day jobs until you've replaced ~75% of you income (and, if you do not have a day job, well, that should probably be step #1 :)

Keep us posted!

Group Leader
Comment by Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" on July 15, 2016 at 2:48pm

Hey Chris and Richard - welcome and congrats!

Way to go on taking action after Innovate - that is just awesome!!!

If you get a chance, it might be worth your time to get involved in one of the groups...while not directly related, thinking Jeff Long's group (eLearning and Online Courses) as well as Terry Hadaway's group (NEW - Marketing for Entrepreneurs) may be worthwhile getting involved as I think each would bring a unique perspective to doing what you want to achieve. Both are incredibly successful at what they do and know that getting involved in our groups has been key for many of our successful members. 

Sending you wishes for a prosperous future!!! 

Comment by Jaime Leigh on July 14, 2016 at 7:58pm

What awesome new Chris and Richard! Congratulations on taking that big first step! Everyone at this last Innovate were very inspiring and full of encouragement and creativity. Loved it! I'm looking forward to your next post.

Comment by Kathy on July 13, 2016 at 9:27pm

Love your enthusiasm, guys! I would check out what businesses are already out there doing what you want to do and how. Have you identified your ideal client and do you know exactly how to market best to them. These are the things I think you need to get down accurately to be successful.


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