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One Month Out From Coaching With Excellence - Goal Accountability

"Put Up or Shut Up!" Photo by Brad Carlin

Post by Pete Ferguson

It's hard to believe it has been a month since many of us were at The Sanctuary with Dan, Ashley, and the 48 Days team. It was two days of bliss where self-imposed limits were tested and any idea discussed was given "wings" to fly if the idea generator was willing to follow the advice given.

What struck me most about the two days was the overwhelming positivity. I do not recall a single "won't work" response to anything discussed! It was such a refreshing change. And a welcomed one. 

I pitched an idea to Dan that now doesn't have the same appeal and he simply said, "I would caution you to think about ..." instead of saying, "well Pete, that actually sounds like a pretty dumb idea :-). Having 48 hours of access to Dan and his team was fantastic and really filled up my "confidence tank." 

Each of us left with goals of what we were going to do. It is only eleven months until the next CWE I plan to attend, and here were my main goals:

  • Blog at least 4 days a week
  • Make a decision to keep or change my website name - www.LearnActShare.com
  • Find out how to monazite products on the site
  • Kick off 48Days Workshop with a free preview
  • Become an endorsed coach by completing 40 hours of paid coaching

I'm happy to report that the first two items were completed within two weeks. I like the "learning with accountability" approach to learning-creating an action plan-and sharing the results with others.

Thanks to Adam Rico, I now know how to easily - and affordably - add e-products to my website through digitaldeliverapp.com for $9 a month. Any of you have other recommendations?

After much thought, I'm going to experiment with "Two Saturdays To Success" and use all of the 48 Days Workshop material, just condense down to two weeks. I talked with fellow 48Days.net member Camden Ross in person when I was in Idaho and he mentioned that his class participation greatly decreased after two weeks. My thought is to have two main 4-hour sessions on Saturdays to work through resumes and interviewing skills with two "study groups" held on a weeknight in between to cover the material. 

As for finishing the endorsed coach program, I am hoping to feed the funnel with those I meet through the workshop and free previews. I have until Monday at 5:30 pm to find a location and move forward. I think I know the perfect place too. 

Where are you at with your goals?

I have attached a photo called "Put Up or Shut Up" by local photographer Brad Carlin (www.bcnaturephotography.com). I couldn't afford the canvas version seen behind him, but I was struck by the eagle's eyes. Brad said most eagles fly away when he gets within 200 yards. This guy let him get within 25 and then gave him the look he captured so well in this photograph. It is now staring over me as I type and will constantly remind me to either commit and DO, or stop talking! 

Hope you have had a great and productive month. I greatly appreciate being featured on the front page of 48Days.net so early into my budding blogging career. I've also greatly appreciated all of the cheerleading from the entire community and look forward to 11 more great months on my "48 Month" journey!




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Comment by Peter A Ferguson on June 25, 2012 at 7:57am

Good work Eric! Keep us posted as well on your progress. 

Comment by Eric DeVries on June 24, 2012 at 11:07pm

Nice work Peter!  Glad you are making such progress following CWE in May.  Keep us posted on your continued progress it is inspiring to the rest of us.  So far I have read 4 out of 6 books I set out to read following CWE, I am working on my business name, looking into web site options, and am working with my board of directors on an exit strategy from my current position.  Nothing like a CWE event to get the ball moving!  Again, nice work!

Comment by Adam Rico on June 24, 2012 at 12:58pm


You have really put some serious action behind your ideas and passion. Well done. Glad your e-commerce is up and running too. it's been great to see how committed you are to your blog.

I think I've been more productive in the past month since CWE than I have in the previous six months. Thanks for inspiring me with your level of energy and drive. I look forward to cheering you on to higher levels of success.

Comment by Peter A Ferguson on June 24, 2012 at 9:46am

Thanks Dan. The gifts of passion, hope, and vision you instill continue to replicate and grow within your Tribe. I look forward to continued growth and progression. 

Group Leader
Comment by Dan Miller on June 24, 2012 at 9:20am
Wow - what a great recap of your own progress! Taking action like you are is the primary differentiator between wannapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

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