I do not usually write about political matters but,this Obamacare is an abomination. I am opposed to it for several reasons. The Supreme court upheld it and the reasoning they used was flawed. They claimed it was a tax however,it does not fall into any constitutionally allowed tax classification. I am opposed to Obamacare for several reasons.

1.It will inevitably lead to Healthcare rationing which is the situation in Canada and Europe.

2. There will be long waits for procedures and surgeries and sometimes it will be too late.

3.The Elderly and people with chronic diseases will be rationed out eventually.

4.Older people will not be able to have necessary procedures such as hip replacement surgeries.

5.it will Increase our Nationa Debt and the Deficit by a significant amount of money. We are talking adding trillions of Dollars.

6.It will put this tremendous debt upon future generations. The National Debt and Deficit are already a big burden to be place upon future generations.

7. It will lead to a shortage of Physicians and nurses.

8. It will discourage qualified people from going into Medicine.

9. The government will come between us and  our Physicians.

10.  Most Medical professionals are opposed to Obamacare.

11.  It will cause the loss of many jobs especially because it will adversley affect small businesses where many jobs exist.

12. it will be inefficient as are most government endeavors . Obviously I believe Obama and any politician who supports this will have to be voted out in November. The new politicians would have to be held accountable for repealing it. The Congress will hold a vote to repeal Obamacare which is really just symbolism since the Senate will not let it pass. I plan to write my Congressman and tell him that I want Obamacarerepealed and that means to use any method such as attaching legislation to bills in order to weaken it. Please look this up and don't take my word for it. Find out what Socialized Medicine is like in other parts of the world. We are headed to a point of No return.





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