Need to Motivate - Mom Was Right; Showing up is Half the Battle

The next time you are struggling to motivate yourself to take a risk and try something you care about, think about this…
Working with a client today presented me an interesting opportunity. We attended two state agency run classes. The first class was an orientation for the license application process. The second class was an operations management course for daycare centers. In case you haven’t already guessed, my client is opening a start-up daycare center. I attended because my participation in this unknown venue helps ensure I competently consult her on business activities.

The first class (an orientation to apply for a daycare license), had a large proportion of individuals who were making the first try at a business enterprise. A lot of their questions seemed to be driven by a desire for reassurance that they could succeed in business. The second class (an operations management course) had a larger proportion of people who already had positions at daycare centers. The questions from this group were focused on getting the tools they needed to apply to existing or what they saw as imminent business. I know I’m probably oversimplifying the group personalities formed in the individual classes. However, I’m not that far off.

What I found interesting was not what they didn’t have in common. Instead, I was surprised by what they had in common. If I had taken a video of each class with no audio, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in confidence levels between the two groups. The people looked and acted pretty much the same. Their body language ranged across the same span (from very nervous to way over confident). To me, this shed light on the old axiom, about how showing up is half the battle. In many cases, it may even be more than half the battle (first two years of college for example). Those who didn’t show up, can always dream about what could have been or perhaps blame somebody else for why their vision didn’t become a reality. Those who did show up are in the game, one step closer to their goals, and moving forward from that point.

No matter what your vision or goal is, show up! Attend whatever courses people in your industry attend. Go where people who do what you want to do are. Put yourself in the picture. If you want to be a jockey, you need to go to a racetrack and be around horses. Simply put one foot in front of the other and when you look back you’ll be amazed at how far baby-steps can bring you. If you do this, I think you’ll learn to agree that showing up is and always will be more than half the battle.

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