My take on Bill Barren’s article Top 4 Ways to Stay in Business Long Enough to Succeed

As founder of Bill Baren CoachingBill has become known worldwide as a transformational business coach. Over 20,000 people  from 32 countries have participated in Bill’s online and live trainings.

Below is an excerpt from one of his blog posts that I really found encouraging.

It took me more than 4 years and running through all my savings before I could earn enough from my business to afford to live a good and simple life.

That’s a long time to be earning less than I need.

I could have quit.  

I could have hedged my bets and not given my business my all.

But, I’m glad I stuck it out.  Because, I can honestly say that I owe my current success to those amazing and difficult first 4 years.

And I’ve noticed that there’s a mindset difference between the people who quit, and those who stick it out and make it through the tough times.

From what I’ve seen since talking to small business owners, most businesses fail for 2 simple reasons:

  • The business owners quit
  • The business owners sabotage their success and thus quit be default

So, what can you do to not only stay in the game, but also play full out in this game we call business? READ FULL ARTICLE : Top 4 Ways to Stay in Business Long Enough to Succeed

I find Bill’s story and words very encouraging. Especially  that it took him four years to even afford to live a good and simple life. I would hear (and continue to hear) stories of people building 6 figure or 7 figure businesses within 2 years or less. With my high hopes and ambition I set out to do the same. Little did I know, that the journey of building a business from scratch was going to be a strenuous one.

Stories like Bill’s are closer to reality. It takes a lot of time, failures, financial loss, etc. before you actually see success. Most people quit after the first loss. Some, hold on to hope, and will hang on long enough for even a second or third failure. After such discouragement  you can feel hopeless (after all, hope deferred does make the heart sick).

Why bother? You may ask. “I’ve tried for so long now with little to no success or return on my efforts and investment, why keep going?” Some of these thoughts do make sense to press in and ponder. It may be time to close the doors and take a break. But just a break.

But oftentimes, the breakthrough is inches away. We can’t see it because the fog is so thick. You’re so worn from giving it your all and feel like there is nothing left to keep going anymore.

Trust me, I’ve been there. There have been many moments where I declared that if this doesn’t work out in exactly the way I want it to, then I’m quitting. I’ve said that many times. And yet, here I am.

In fact, the things that I experienced back then that made me say that are a piece of cake to deal with now. I laugh that something like that would make me even consider quitting, let alone announcing it to my closest friends.

The things I’m dealing with today have far more at stake, but my grip to hold on just got tighter.

I know that the breakthrough is near. I know that if I continuously course correct, learn from my mistakes, and stay moving and in action, that my diligence will get rewarded. The harvest will surely come.

So if you are tempted to quit because you feel that you can’t take one more failure, please reconsider. Sure, you may need to return to full time employment for a season but you don’t have to bury your dream. You may need to let go of certain aspects of your vision, but you don’t have to stop trying completely.

When have you been tempted to quit? What did you do to keep going?

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Comment by Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" on October 12, 2016 at 7:53am


It is so easy to look at people's success and not see the work behind it. Love his transparency on it taking him FOUR years just to live a simple and good life - that it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns from day one. Thank you for sharing. 

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