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Making Money without a Job – Weekly Motivational Updates

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Photo source: http://andrewhillman.me/trading-time-for-dollars/

Have you ever traded something of value for some money?

“Sure” you say, “most of us have!”

We typically trade things like our time and in many cases it’s for a paycheck. Most of our incomes are linear based on the time we work.

Meaning, we don’t get paid unless we clock in the time.

Did you know that it’s possible to trade something else of value besides time for money?

Many of us will answer “yes, of course”, but they still default to trading their time for income.

My friend and mentor Dan Miller is a creative idea genius and I’ve heard him say before, “I’m looking for the kinds of things that I can do just once and get paid a thousand times for it.”

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Even if it’s more than once that you do it, it’s still in your control and on your own clock. You can do it as many times as you want and multiply your earnings as much as you want.

Your cap in earnings is what you say it is if you can somehow escape the time/linear model.

What if I wanted to make one hundred thousand dollars one year? Working a time/linear model at 40 hours a week, I would need to be making about $50 an hour the entire year, for 160 hours a month. That’s 1,920 hours for the year.

Sounds like a lot of time you’re putting in for the goal you want, which is fine if that’s the model you are used to; and many of us are.

I’m just saying that you could really minimize your time spent and still meet your goal by coming up with something else that you can trade besides your time.

Like an informational product or some really cool idea that people will gladly trade their money for and all you have to do is produce it and create the platform that gives people access to it.

Now what changes is that instead of making $50 by the hour working 1,920 hours to make your goal, you can now make $50 by the customer striving to earn business from 1,920 customers to make your goal.

Your choice; what do you wish to trade for money?


Thanks for reading as always so be on the lookout for more posts this week, including those where I’m answering specific questions related to common career struggles and issues.

Some topics to look out for this week and my responses are:

  1.  What Doesn’t Work Can Help You
  2. How Can We Make it Possible?
  3. From Lotto to Welfare
  4. But I Thought I Failed You

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with this question to challenge and motivate your thinking to another level this week:

Knowing what you know about you and what you can naturally do well, what’s something of value that you have besides your time that you can trade for money?



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