Childbearing women suffer huge injustice.  The vast majority believe the lie upon which their treatment is based:  that being pregnant = being ill,  that the "illness" requires the rescuing and curative actions of a doctor in a hospital, with all the the technology and medicine that has been made available.  They have been lead to believe that their bodies cannot be trusted, that they have no power in what is occurring.

The truth is that the capacity to carry a child in the womb, and the capacity to birth that child and nourish that child, are innately characteristic of being female.  Normal, healthy, existent, part-of-the-package.  In as much as both man and woman are "made in the image of God", there is also something about sexual reproduction and the female capacity for that, which speaks of or demonstrates an essential essence of our Divine Maker. (That explanation takes more time & space than I have here in this format.)  Aside from fully understanding this fascinating revelation of God in the Female, suffice it to say that it should inspire awe and respect for her from her earliest days.

Not only those women past the age of menarche and before menopause, but the young girls and the mature women-- the full life-range of the female person should be in receipt of respect, admiration, and genuine care.  Instead, her life often receives diminishment, prejudice, verbal assault, physical assault, misappropriation of sexual characteristics, and more.

Young men and old men, old women and young women:  it is way past time for us to give to the generations of girls and women among us the respect, trust, encouragement, empowerment, and affirmation that their position in God's Cosmos warrants. 

I believe there is a strong connection between the disrespect that is foisted upon our girls from their earliest ages and the ever-climbing rate of surgical interventions for birth.  There are social and spiritual reasons --not medical ones-- for the horrible maternal/child perinatal mortality rates in the USA.  We the Church, the followers of Jesus the great reconciler, are the ones responsible to turn this around and demonstrate to the world (beginning with our own neighborhood) what life and birth look like when we walk in tune with how our Maker made us to be. 

Commentary welcome; send a message to begin further-ranging discussions. I am happy to facilitate group work on these topics from pastoral and nursing perspectives, if you have a church or civic group interested in examining this further.

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