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Berlin Wall
Pic source credited: http://maradavis.com/2009/11/09/tear-down-the-wall/

Well, it was August of 2007 when I put my notice in with Fidelity to go work for a health care recruiting firm. I thought I needed to get out of the rut I was in and try something totally different, plus my work environment was getting very negative; so health care it was.

So here I am placing people in health care jobs; for about 4 months, if that. Yeah turns out to be a failed attempt for me, but thank goodness in December a buddy of mine at the time, JP, ran into a new position back in the Financial industry at a different company called Goldleaf.

He sent me the information, I got on all their horns, aggressively seeking the hiring manager of implementations and scored!

My approach was ‘KEY’ with this company.

I had sent a note in to the head of HR, then I called an SVP who then directed the hiring VP to call me. As a result, the balls were all rolling, as the HR, SVP, and Hiring VP had a reason to talk about me behind closed doors and get all excited about this crazy job candidate who is trying to knock down their walls. Yeah, I heard all about their excitement about me later on because of my approach.

The bottom line to remember here is that I knew what I wanted, and was going to give it my best shot possible to get connected with the right people, demonstrate my confidence and shine like I never shined before, and then make it happen. I had my sights aligned and fixed.

This concept goes much farther than job searching. That’s just the application of what this is really all about. This is about leadership and taking charge of what something means to you, getting out there and then making it happen.

Why so many teams, plans, organizations, and individual efforts go by the way side is because the entity the drifting. It’s drifting because the people in it are drifting. There’s nothing to inspire and motivate them.

I was extremely motivated to land that job, and so drifting was not even part of the equation. I got on all horns and made sure everyone that needed to know I was motivated knew I was motivated, and as a result it became very contagious; they became motivated too.

They knew that I had something great to offer, and that wherever I was going it was probably going to benefit their company.

There was no room for mediocrity where I was heading; I had a mission, a focus, and because of my aggressive efforts I saw it through; success!

How bad do you want something that you’re willing to knock down walls to get it?



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