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One thing I’ve spent a lot of time talking with individual clients, schools and businesses about is setting goals.  If that makes you sigh with frustration, I bet you’ve been required to meet a sales goal or a self improvement goal or something similar at work and you might be thinking, “What’s wrong with just doing my job well?  You don’t understand the stress I’m under and the circumstances I’m putting up with.  I’m just trying to survive here!”  or as one individual told me as I asked her about her plans for the future, “I’m just waiting to see what happens.  I can’t make plans now.”

Will Rogers said, “Even if you are on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”  Sometimes clients think they can’t set goals unless they have a crystal ball and know the future. Or they think that they are too stressed or overwhelmed to set goals. In actuality, not knowing the future or being stressed is a good reason to plan something. Planning is the difference between being active and being passive.  It is the difference between just accepting whatever happens and being at cause in your world.  It is taking charge of your situation rather than giving your power away and letting others or circumstances rule. Finally, it is visualizing and setting in motion your best case scenario so that you have something to strive for.  Setting a goal should decrease stress and uncertainty not increase it.  

Once you are convinced that you need to set a goal, what can you do to create the best goal possible?  As Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.”  What do you want your life to look like in three months, six months or a year?  Describe the details and specifics.  

In six months:

  • I want to have sold x number of widgets.
  • I want to have hired x number of staff.
  • I want to have created a training program for on-boarding new staff .
  • I want to have completed a website and logo for my new business.  

Notice how each goal is SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Has a Time-frame for completion

Now create your action plan:  What are the steps to accomplishing your goal?

  • Call x number of clients every day.
  • Recruit new employees through…
  • Spend 1 hour daily writing training procedures and create a training calendar
  • Interview web designers and contract with one for website.  Clarify ideal client and mission statement for website.

You get the idea.  List everything you can think of to accomplish your goal then put those tasks on your calendar.  Schedule time each day or week to work on your action steps.  Make that time non- negotiable. 

Make sure you schedule an actual date as to when you want to accomplish your goal and put it on your calendar too.  Then schedule regular evaluation days to determine if you need to tweak your action steps to make them more effective.   

Does this sound like too much work? I’m not going to lie. Setting and accomplishing goals isn’t easy and effortless no matter what people say.  However, it is empowering and effective.  The choice is yours.  Just wait and see what happens… or take charge and be the leader of your life.  

Tired of just waiting to see what happens?  Ready to be at cause in your life and your work?  

Need a coach to help you clarify your plan and follow through?  Let’s talk:  Complimentary Coaching Clarity Call

Dream Achiever Coaching is well worth the time and money. Lynne is a wonderful coach!  She offers priceless advice, encouragement, and support. She has personally helped reel me in to focus my time and energy appropriately and has also helped me achieve my dream of having an enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful business.  Amy Molley,  www.sensiblesensoryspaces.com/



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