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Jeff Long Interview around: Simple Strategies to Create Online Course Videos in Half the Time"

In this 48days.net interview, Jeff Long shares simple strategies around creating online course videos in half the time.

Jeff Long has had the opportunity to serve entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations around the world since 2003 by creating engaging online courses, building flexible WordPress websites and producing compelling videos. His company specializes in creating online course systems, and video-based online learning. He's the host of The Online Course Coach Podcast, which is THE podcast for the latest in online course creation tips, news, interviews. He also has a free 3-part mini-course called Easy Video For Courses, where he teaches how to create effective online course videos in half the time.

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Comment by Jerry Stumpf on November 16, 2016 at 10:36am

WOW! Great content on the video with Jen and Jeff - Interview Around: Simple Strategies to Create Online Course Videos in half the Time.

So valuable. Thanks Jen & Jeff.

Group Leader
Comment by Jeff Long on November 7, 2016 at 2:54pm

Thanks for the update Myhriah! I use the "hide the edit" technique a LOT myself too (since I make a lot of mistakes). I also use snaps or claps to mark my good takes, which makes editing a lot faster. The 3-part video series is coming down this Friday, November 11th when EasyVideoForCourses.com is closed. So keep watching while it's available :)

I think your idea for the Youtube channel sounds like a great concept. I could see that really taking off if you make it fun and engaging. Could you create themes based around holidays or other key times when people need to clean their house for a lot of family and guests? Just an idea.

Keep me posted on the videos!

Comment by Myhriah Young on November 7, 2016 at 1:20pm

Jeff, I have started on this series and I already some of it recorded; I started watching your Easy Video for Courses, and I didn't want to do it over, but there were clearly some improvements to be made. I used your suggestion to put a picture in places that you can't completely take out, and that was great!! It's not perfect, but much better than it was. It also made me realize that I hadn't added ANY pictures to my video. I was just talking in the camera the entire time...yeah; not so awesome. Now that I added more pictures in, I'm pretty in love with the video, and I will use many of your other strategies moving forward before I record the video. I will probably have to watch this many more times. Thanks for helping me "up" my videoing game!!

Comment by Myhriah Young on November 4, 2016 at 10:54pm

Such great information!!  Thank you Jeff for giving us such great information.  I am currently creating a Youtube video series called the Housecleaning Workout Routine, where I will be outlining a daily workout, that will be cleaning the house.  I think most people are aware that you can burn calories as you clean, and there are videos that show how to add some workout moves while you are cleaning or how to do workouts in between your cleaning.  What I am working on the cleaning will BE the workout, and because you have a different routine for each day, it will be balanced.  I am starting at a beginner level, and we will work our way up each week.

Anyways, I have recruited my teenage son to video everything I'm doing, so hopefully the quality will be better than if I just tried to get good angles with my bendable tripod, lol. 

I don't have much of an audience right now, so I am thinking I need to just do the series for free, but I am hoping that eventually as my audience grows, I can perhaps do a course, membership group or something like that...

You definitely have given me some things to think about, so thanks :-)

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