As I started venturing out more into the public speaking world, my friend Kent Julian at www.SpeakitForward.comtaught me a very important lesson at the Speak It Forward Boot camp. Using an illustration, he asked the question, “As an audience member, have you ever said to yourself or those around you, Wow! That speaker was great, but I have no idea what he talked about”. The answer for me was a big YES! This has happened to me several times, and those are just the times I can remember. After contemplating the idea of developing my message I knew I had to have one central point that others could remember. What's the one thing I wanted to be known for?

W.I.S.E.™ The word wise is a deep enough word on its own without anything being added to it, but I knew this was too good to not develop into my message. This was a message that could be shared with any audience dealing with almost any topic. I developed an acronym for the word wise that is easy to remember.






Simple, right? What I Sacrifice Everyday

Whether you’re struggling to lose weight, gain weight (like myself), turn off the television, quit being negative, quit drinking, quit smoking, quit looking at pornography, stop being co-dependent, etc… The list goes on forever. Anything you struggle with can be conquered with keeping one thing in mind: W.I.S.E.™ What I Sacrifice Everyday. With every small sacrifice you make you in turn are making a positive step in the right direction of having the life you want. You can do anything you want if you make the sacrifices to do it.

Ask anyone who has conquered anything in life. They will all say the same thing. I “decided” to do it. I quit thinking about it and I did it.

As for the one thing I will be known as. You guessed it: The W.I.S.E.™ guy!


Do you have a story of simply "doing it" or "making the right decision?"

Leave a comment below of how deciding to "do it" and not "think about it" changed your future.



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