I am constantly taken aback by the power people have within them that they never even knew they had. Strong people, shy people, carefree people, scared people. When the time comes for them to make a decision on whether they are going to stand up and stand on their own two feet and battle through whatever hard times or sufferings are coming as opposed to cowering in the corner weak and afraid of what possible barriers they will face along the way, I am always amazed.

But I’m not amazed at what you think I am amazed at. The fact that a person has that type of power within them isn’t amazing to me. It’s the fact that they used to think they didn’t. Go ask someone who went through something difficult and came out on top, “How did you do it? You were so strong?” How many times have you heard that person say, “I wasn’t always that strong…” I’m sorry if I may offend some of you, but I disagree. I don’t strongly disagree, I disagree with every ounce and fiber of my being. How can someone say they weren’t always strong enough to do what they did? How? The problem with that statement is that they were always capable of that type of strength, they just had false perception of the barriers between them and the goal they needed to accomplish! They were blinded by their own misconceptions about their own abilities. About their own mind’s abilities. About their God’s abilities to work through them.

I talked to a woman on Friday who lost her father a year ago. They didn’t get along that well, but she was the oldest and she was in charge of his estate when he passed. She has two sisters who were relying on her to do a good job even though she was devastated. She had two choices. She could not let go and have it alter her relationships with her sisters, or she could be strong and move on with her life and do her best with the estate and be strong for her sisters. She chose to be strong. Did you hear that? She CHOSE it. It’s always a choice. I asked her the million dollar questions. “How did you do it? How did you find the strength?” She said, “I didn’t find the strength, I always had it, what I found was new motivation to use it.”

We are all built to for greatness. No matter what has brought you to today. No matter what decisions you have made that have brought you here to this moment, you can make a difference and do something great for yourself. People want to do a lot of things in this world, for a lot of different reasons. I’m firmly convinced that there is no greater achievement than impressing our most fierce critic, ourselves. We just have to find the right motivation.

What’s your motivation this week?


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