I believe the reason it has taken me this long, is that what I want goes against the "norm". Here is the timeline I am working out right now. By the first of the year no more day job and start working from home. The next five years will be spent acquire enough money to by 40 to 80 acres. once the land is bought and paid for I want to farm for my family and to help generate income. This is what I hear in my head when ever I say this to myself or think about it " You can't make a living that way " I have "learned" through out my years that I have to work at some job to make ends meet. Now I am seeing that it is just not true, thanks to a long list of people that I have been listening to ie Dan Miller, Seth Godin, Robert Kiysaki, Jillian Micheals just to name a few. I am going to use this site for accountabilty and gathering more information and guidance along the way

Have a great day


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Comment by George Madison Potts on October 30, 2012 at 9:10pm

Go for it Matt.  Keep your focus.  Be creative.  I'm 57 and all my life I've heard people say "you just can't buy farmland these days and make a living".  I wish I would have ignored that 40 years ago.  I've also heard the expression "They're not making any more land."  I like that one better and believe it to be much more true.

Comment by Ann Musico on October 29, 2012 at 9:23am

Matt I wish you all the best and give you my vote that if God put that thought in your heart - you most certainly can do it - and you will.  I am involved with Beyond Organic because in a different way - I see the need for real food that people can trust.  There is definitely a market - now more than ever for what you want to do.

Comment by Matt Passehl on October 28, 2012 at 6:44pm

Arlena , I agree. There is a large market for organic foods , I would like to keep my operation on the small side. Something I can handle with just my family and myself. I really like the thought of run my own little farm , it seems so peaceful and I would be doing my part on helping get people to eat healthy. I do want to learn more about why organic food cost so much more. I would love to be able sell my grass fed beef at the same or little higher price as conventional beef. Again I do have some research to do on that before I begin  

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