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How do you Know If its a Valid reason or Just an Excuse?

How do your know if you have a valid reason or just and excuse for not doing something? That is the question I sought to answer and I hope My answer helps someone reading this. we are not a single self we have conflict desires. One part may want to start a new business venture in our spare time and another to watch Television

The left Hemisphere of the brain has a part known as the Interpreter It takes information from different parts of the brain and creates a story and the story is most often false. Dan Miller's two example of how he could have two life stories is an example. One leaves a person feeling like a victim because of background and the other one shows that the background provides advantages such as learning responsibility and a work ethic at an early age.

Researchers did studies on split-brain patients where the left and right hemispheres could not communicate with each other. They found that the left brain always creates a story which seems plausible but most often is inaccurate. if you want to find out more about this you can Google search the interpreter part of the brain. It seems that the brain needs to always feel in control and this Interpreter is hardwired into the brain.

We have to recognize the stories for what they are and then we have to make the decision to act anyway. Our brain can also come up with reasons why we can do something and that is what we need to do. The reasons for or against taking an action that you focus on will be more powerful. The Interpreter will back you up when you decide there are reasons that you can do the thing you want to do the Gap between where you are and where you want to be is your excuses.

What I have learned from this information is our brain naturally creates stories that seem believable but are often false. If we think about it we can also come up with valid reasons why we can accomplish something we desire.Excuses make us feel comfortable and better about not doing something we want to do. when we recognize excuses for what they are that leaves us uncomfortable and puts us in a confrontation that we will either do or not do what we want. I hope for all of us that we will resolve this conflict by taking action when our reasons are exposed as excuses.

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