Happy Birthday Ethan! Leadership Lessons I Learned With Addition Of Second Child



As I posted earlier this month on Elijah's birthday, becoming a parent has been one of the best training grounds for me as a leader as any other single event in my life. I have found that having a second child has multiplied those leadership lessons. Today is my youngest boy's birthday. My wife and I were blessed with our second child Ethan Luke 9 years ago.

Leading a family is a tremendous responsibility and requires a great deal of us as parents in order to do it effectively. Many of the lessons we learn at home can become principles we use to effectively improve our leadership abilities in the organizations we lead professionally. As Andy Stanley states, "Leadership is a stewardship, it is temporary, and you are accountable."

What leadership lessons have you learned as a parent? I have posted 20 more of mine below. 




Here are some of the leadership lessons raising two boys has taught me so far:

1. Leadership requires that you learn and grow through changing circumstances.

2. Leadership will ask more of you than you expect it will.

3. Leadership requires that you model the behaviors you expect to see in your followers.

4. Two is more than twice one. 

5. Leaders must recognize that adding a new team member can create stress for the entire organization.

6. Leaders must coach team members on how to welcome new team members and help them make a smooth transition onto the team.

7. Leaders must recognize that each team member has a unique personality.

8.   Leading diverse team members takes focus and energy.

9.   Leaders must learn how to communicate with people with differing communication styles.

10. Leaders must learn to recognize the strengths of their different team members.

11. Leaders create individual time for getting to know and understand each of team member.

12. Leaders are intentional about creating opportunities for team members to work together. 

13.  Leaders recognize & reward team members in ways specific to them and their preferences.

14.  Leaders recognize that building a culture of unity is hard work.

15.  Leaders work to create a culture of 100% individual responsibility. 

16.  Leaders don't allow a culture of blame & excuses to creep into their organization.

17.  Leaders appreciate the unique gifts of each team member.

18.  Leaders are persistent.

19.  Leaders are consistent. 

20.  Leaders are patient.

What leadership lessons have you learned as a parent?


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