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Hello all at 48days.net - I hope that things are going well for you.

I am very early in my quest to become a speaker in the education industry and I am very close to launching a product which I believe can be life-changing for high school and college students.  It's a "Success Manual" geared towards using one's education to accomplish career goals.  I believe too often we are forced into thinking that school is an obstacle to our future and we just try to get through it so we can do something more "fun" - whatever that might be.  I also think that we are drawn into this idea that "work" is something to be dreaded and that we have to escape from it.  Look at commercials on TV - how they tell us to enjoy life more, to escape work, to "find our beach".  Look at television and movies and how there's always something better to do than work - or that work is the butt of the joke in sit-coms.

It wasn't too long ago that work was a glorified thing to do - we would work for the betterment of our company, for ourselves and, in some cases, for the betterment of the nation.  Now, I'm not so sure that is true anymore.

So, I created a manual for teens (ideally high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors) that helps them map out a framework for achieving a career.  I am pretty close to launching this thing and I wanted to know if there was anyone out there that would like to review it for me.  It's 30 pages (though it probably reads like 15).  It also has a system for finding out what a student really wants to do with their lives given their abilities, interests and callings.  

Here's the real kicker for the entire manual.  One of my fundamental beliefs about education is that opportunity should not be afforded by only those who have money.  Therefore, I am seriously considering putting the manual on my website completely free to download.  No required e-mail address, no attachments, no "Yahoo Toolbar" software.  Simply Free.  The only thing that I ask in return for downloading the manual is to consider having me to your school, church, youth group or PTA as a speaker.

There will be other versions of the manual (parent edition, teacher edition) which will be available for sale, but for the kids, I wanted all of them to be able to access the document and get ahead wherever they can.

Please feel free to e-mail me through 48Days.net if you'd like a copy to review.  If you want one, please answer the following questions...

1. What do you like/not like about the manual - anything you would improve?

2. If you wrote this manual, would you give this freely to anyone that wanted one knowing that it could benefit both advantaged or disadvantaged youths?  Why?

Thanks for your time and pelase let me know if you'd like a copy.  I should be done with it tomorrow night (getting some final critiques done by some education specialists) and I can send it out on Thursday.

Thanks for the feedback and please let me know if I can review something for you!

Best wishes in business.


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Comment by Ann Musico on October 10, 2012 at 6:10am

What a great idea Bill and one I believe is much needed!  I have 3 children - two have graduated college and are working and my daughter is a senior in college.  If they were still in high school I definitely would've wanted them to read something like this even though my 3 have always (or so it seems) known what they wanted to do.  I think Melissa's suggestion about building a list is a very good one.  Maybe you could just have a separate list for those students who download the manual? Obviously I'm not technologically savvy - but maybe there's a way to do that?  I would certainly love to review your project and share any thoughts I think would be helpful.

Comment by Bill Priestley on October 9, 2012 at 7:59pm


Thanks for replying - that is a good point and I remembered Dan talking about that.  The only issue is that I feel like teenagers will want to download the report (the advantageous ones) and I didn't want to accrue an e-mail address list that had adults and students in it.  I think that students would benefit much greater to subscribing to my YouTube channel and adults would appreciate a newsletter more.  I assume that I could combine the two and those that didn't want the newsletter could unsubscribe (being teens) and incorporate my video links into the newsletter - but I also don't want to come across as trying to cater to two different groups simultaneously, that could be rather confusing for both.  Any ideas there?

Comment by Melissa AuClair on October 9, 2012 at 7:42pm


Dan has modeled the beauty and benefit of giving away content as a way to share yourself with others and let them get a taste of who you are how can help them.  A free report is a great way to show people what you have to offer.

However, I would really encourage you to get emails and begin to build a list.  In an idea world, potential clients remember us, but the people we would like to work for are like us- they have a million tasks on their plate!

If you collect the emails of the people who receive your special report, you can follow up with them- either by sending them additional helpful ezines, articles or emails.  Or, with a follow up email to see if they have any questions!

I think Dan talked about this in one his podcasts- the way he marketed himself to larger companies when he wanted to do executive coaching.

Just some thoughts- I think this product has great potential.  Even if highschoolers don't know what they want FOR SURE, this could help them start thinking about their future and making wise decisions.  Keep up the great work :)


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